Dermatitis. Treatments and remedies. Natural Medicine

Definition of dermatitis
Dermatitis is defined in general with an inflammatory condition of the skin, which may be due to external pathologic factors (dermatitis exogenous) or internal (endogenous dermatitis).

According to the characteristic lesion, the dermatitis may be, erythematous, papular, nodular, vesicular, warty, pustular, and so on.

Types of dermatitis

Dermatitis has been classified into dozens of variations. Some are:

* Fibrinous face Dermatitis: inflammation of the skin associated with aphthous stomatitis.
* Seborrheic Dermatitis: dry seborrhea.
* Dermatitis fungoides: produced by fungi.
* Bulbous dermatitis: rash of blisters or blisters, and pemphigus.
* Actinic Dermatitis: that produced by sunlight, ultraviolet or X-ray
* Erythematous Dermatitis: Erythema
* Etc, etc..

Atopic Dermatitis
However, one of the best known is atopic dermatitis. Inflammatory skin disease is characterized by erythema, itching, oozing, crusting and scaling, which begins in childhood allergic individuals with hereditary predisposition. It is related to hay fever and asthma.

Dermatitis exogenous. Causes
This type of dermatitis is caused by causes of various kinds: physical, chemical and parasitic diseases.
* Dermatitis, physical causes of mechanical irritants such as scratching, rubbing, abrasions, minor trauma sustained, and so on.
* Dermatitis thermal causes redness or sores from excessive heat and freezing of any origin by the bitter cold.
* Causes irritant dermatitis: sunlight, sunburn, artificial light rays, X-ray
* Dermatitis caused by chemicals: they are all skin irritants such as acids, alkalis, certain poisons, certain medications, irritants plants (nettle), irritants animal (bee sting, wasps, mosquitoes, etc.). Or irritating professional-type (arsenic, mercury, etc.)..
* Dermatitis parasitic causes: parasites that can develop on our skin, whether of plant origin (fungi) or animals (mites, etc.)..

Endogenous dermatitis. Causes
This type of dermatitis is often toxic, which can have many causes.
* Infectious diseases: smallpox, measles, chickenpox, rubella, and so on.
* Causes Allergic may be manifested by characteristic skin rash (urticaria, etc.).
* Blood diseases
* Nervous System Diseases
* For drug intoxication

Dermatitis internal poisoning
These are produced by poisons or toxic fermentative or putrefactive intestinal origin or from alterations in normal organic metabolism (gout, diabetes, etc.).. We emphasize in a special way this type of dermatitis because we can not forget that skin is a third kidney that is always ready to eliminate anything that pollutes us domestically. If we are unable to eliminate toxins naturally by endogenous normal emunctories, our skin will assist in this task.

In fact, many of dermatitis in young children we see are caused by digestive poisoning due to an incorrect diet. These foods ferment of pathogenic form because in many cases, babies are fed with excessive amounts of excessive grain and combinations of these with less than a year old. In our clinical practice we have found that by eliminating foods such as cereals, cow's milk, etc.. in very young children, has been the key to the disappearance of the dermatitis.

Treatments and Remedies for Dermatitis, Dermatosis with Natural Medicine
With this sort of pathology must always be thinking about the cause that has given rise to dermatitis. If an exogenous cause (external) will avoid contact with the toxic pollutant or producing it.

In the event that the cause is internal again have to address the factor which has led to dermatitis or dermatosis. Always with an internal cause that will monitor the type of food that we carry, and allergic predisposition.

Medicine for the dermatitis with Medicinal Plants:
Burdock, Thinking, Echinacea, Horsetail, Dandelion, Thyme, Propolis.

Medicine for the dermatitis with Essence:

Geranium, Juniper, Lavender, Benzoin

Medicine for the dermatitis with Homotoxicology - Homeopathy:

Graphites-Homaccord, Psorinoheel (ga), Schwef-Heel (g), Galium-Heel (ga), Hepeel (ca), Belladonna-Homaccord (ga), Traumeel (GCAP). Cutis comp. (a), Echinacea comp. forte (a), Apis-Homaccord (ga), Lamioflur (g), Kamilla-Salve-Heel (p), Lymphomyosot (gca), Hepar comp. (a).

Remedies for dermatitis with
Quinton Isotonic.

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