Derris pinnata. Homeopathy

1 - () Afraid to kill someone with a knife. Tendency to suicide.
2 Layout to hit, and bursts into a tirade against his best friends.
3 alternately crying and singing.
4 Fantasias you have dizziness of the sea. Memory loss.
5 are smells heavenly.
6 Worst: if you play by night.
7 - () Vertigo, afraid to fall, he turns the head sideways. Feeling that you stick needles or nails. Lancinating headaches on the left side, with vomiting and burning in the esophagus. The scalp is very sore, worse slightest contact.
8 can not lift the lids and eyebrows. Lancinating pains in the eyes, to the bottom of the orbits. Caruncle swollen with bruises on his left eye. Blurred vision, sees black spots.
9 Ear swollen, red and hot. Very acute hearing loss or ear. Cracking in ears when swallowing.
10 - () Tip of nose red. Fluent coryza. Smell exalted; feels heavenly scents. Intolerable odors after sneezing a lot.
11 - () bloated face. Facial tic douloureux (neuralgia of the thirtieth) and convulsive tic. Pain in the jaw, as if you take out all his teeth. Burning in the left cheek.
12 teeth then loosen sore. Toothache night, worse from cold, better by heat.
13 Crawling and tremor of the tongue, cracked, dry, painful. Engorged with submaxillary salivation, or with cold and thick mucus. Tonsils, uvula and soft palate, red and swollen, tingling of the uvula. Sensation of ball in the esophagus.
14 belching foul. Hiccups with anxiety and heartburn. Sensation of swelling in the liver and spleen. Stomach pains and cramps, diarrhea and anxiety, better lying on my belly. Painful abdominal skin. Fetid flatus. Piles with constriction and tingling. Foreign body sensation in the anus. Diarrhea and weakness after vomiting. Involuntary stool at night. Burning pain in the rectum with bloody stools.
15 Pain in the kidneys and bladder. Incontinence. Fetida urine dripping.
16 Weight behind the uterus, bearing down. Flow with menstruation twice a month. Cramp-like pains during menstruation.
17 Dyspnea with fetid breath, sit in bed at night. Lancinating pain or cramps behind the sternum.
18 Violent palpitations. The heart seems to beat submerged in water.
19 Violent pains in neck and neck. Feel like a thin stream of water flowing from one ear to the other by the neck, with intense pain. Paralytic pains from shoulder to fingertips. Cramp-like pain in the deltoid, better by pressure. Electric shocks in the muscles of the legs. Intense sciatic pain. He hesitates when walking, walks like climb stairs.
20 sleepy after lunch.