Diarrhea. Symptoms

Definition of diarrhea
Diarrhea is defined as the increase in depositional rate with evacuation of stool consistency decreased.

Symptoms of diarrhea
As we published in our article: Diarrhea: Classification and causes, causes of diarrhea can be very diverse, and symptoms of diarrhea are closely related to the causes.

In connection with the feces evacuated talking about:

* Diarrhea-bladder. When the liquid accompanying stool is greenish due to the presence of bile.
* Bloody diarrhea. When the stool contains blood as pure as in the case of colon or rectal cancer.
* Diarrhea serosa. If feces are extremely liquid and color as the water in which rice has been cooked (diarrhea, cholera).
* Diarrhea food. When the feces found between bits of undigested food (indigestion)
* Diarrhea Mucocutaneous purolenta. When feces are mixed with mucus and pus, mucus and blood, or all three (ulcerative colitis, bacillary and amoebic dysentery, etc.).

Generally speaking when the stools of diarrhea ranging from 3 to 4 liquid or semiliquid stools up the hundred as in the case of cholera, bacillary dysentery and amoebic on. In the latter cases the movements are painful and are preceded and accompanied by some painful straining and abdominal cramps.

Other symptoms of diarrhea
However, people with diarrhea may also have other symptoms such as:
* Swelling in the abdomen
* Discomfort around the anus
* Cramps in the abdomen (the area between the chest and hips)
* Urgent need for bowel movement
* Fecal Incontinence
* Fever and chills

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