African trypanosomiasis. Definition

Medical Definition: African trypanosomiasis

A condition in which to distinguish between two forms, as they present a different clinical course, the acute form is more virulent, caused by Trypanosoma rhodesiense, evolves rapidly and death can occur in about six or eight months and the form produced by Trypanosoma gambiense , known as sleeping sickness or chronic form of African trypanosomiasis. Both types are transmitted by tsetse flies belonging to the genus Glossina. From the clinical point of view, begins with a lesion at the site of inoculation, fever and lymphadenopathy. After a few months, introducing a phase or polarization cerebral nerve, which corresponds to a diffuse meningoencephalitis, which phase known as sleeping sickness and disease with disturbances such as paresthesia, hyperesthesia, paralysis, sleep disorders, lethargy, daytime sleepiness and nighttime insomnia.

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