Breast Reduction. Definition

Medical Definition: Breast Reduction

Surgical technique designed to reduce breast size for cosmetic or therapeutic. It comprises two basic goals: reducing the volume of breast parenchyma and the modification (reduction) of the breast skin envelope, a pattern that allows the modeling of the breast, forming harmonic of the same in the new volume and elevation or repositioning of the nipple-areola complex, generally declined. There are several breast reduction techniques and the basic differences between one or the other is the design of the pedicle of tissue used for transporting the nipple-areola complex, bringing the blood supply and, as far as possible, the specific sensory innervation. Thus, there are superior pedicle techniques, inferior, lateral, vertical (bipedicled), often referred to by the names of surgeons who invented: Lejour, Lassus, Skooj, Pitanguy, McKissock, Holland. A second consideration on the various techniques would be given by the pattern of planned skin resection and, therefore, for the disposition of the resulting scars: technical \