Euro-Collins solution. Definition

Medical Definition: Euro-Collins solution

Solution used for preservation of kidneys for transplant. Is an intracellular fluid composition comprising: potassium phosphate (15 mmol / l), potassium chloride (15 mmol / l), potassium phosphate (42.5 mmol / l), sodium bicarbonate (10 mmol / l) and glucose (35 g / l). During extraction transplant kidneys are perfused through the arteries to the above solution at 4 ° C. Its purpose is to wash the kidney of blood elements, the progressive cooling and reduced ischemic injury. With this infusion, the kidney perfused and immersed in Euro-Collins solution and kept at 4 ° C may be stored for 30 hours. For many years, the Euro-Collins solution has been the most widely used in Europe today, and because organic extractions are many, are being displaced by the solution of Wisconsin.

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