Burn. Definition

Medical Definition: burn

Tissue injury caused by the application of heat to the body. Involvement and severity of the burn depends on the injured body area, the depth of it, the involvement of the airway or other vital organs, and other patient-specific factors, such as age, nutritional status and hydration or the presence of associated diseases. The depth of the resulting injury depends on the intensity and duration of application of heat and conductivity of tissues. The most common heat sources are a flame or a hot liquid. In addition, thermal injury can occur in patients who have been exposed in direct contact with hot metal, harmful substances or electric current. The result of heat injury rarely occurs below 45 º C. Between 45 º C and 50 º C usually occur some degree of cell injury and above 50 ° C, proteins are denatured. An important difference between the thermal and chemical injury is the duration of tissue destruction, as the chemical cause progressive damage until it is inactivated by its reaction with the tissues, while the thermal ceases shortly after discontinuing the application of heat.

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