Crossmatch. Definition

Medical Definition: crossmatch

Laboratory tests performed prior to transplantation, facing the prospective recipient's serum against the donor cells or lymphocytes, from peripheral blood, lymph or spleen to detect specific preformed antibodies and prevent hyperacute rejection. The positivity of this test is considered an absolute contraindication to transplantation. Usually made with fresh serum, extracted from the patient a few hours before transplantation and with a selection of previously positive sera. The introduction of this technique in the mid-sixties, led to a dramatic decrease in the incidence of hyperacute rejection or accelerated graft. It still uses the classic technique of Terasaki microlymphocytotoxicity, but in recent years are being used, in partnership, more sensitive techniques, such as increasing the incubation time after the addition of complement to two hours, the addition of antiglobulin to test, flow cytometry techniques, etc.

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