Delivery. Definition

Medical Definition: delivery

Phenomenon that occurs in late pregnancy and ending with the birth of a newborn and the expulsion of the placenta. At birth can distinguish the following periods: prodrome, early symptoms of the onset of labor, time dilation, in which the cervix dilates to reach 10 cm (complete dilation) third stage, third quarter, which ends with the output Fetal complete, and, finally, delivery period, in which the placenta is delivered. As birth rates can be: uncomplicated, refers to the normal physiological birth and dystocia, birth is not normal (abnormal). According to the fetal presentation, labor can occur vertex or head, or buttocks (complete or incomplete). Other fetal presentations do not allow vaginal delivery and usually end by Caesarean section. A term is one that takes place between 37 and 42 weeks of gestation. Preterm is ending between weeks 30 and 37. Immature at birth is called that takes place between weeks 20 and 27. Labor can be induced or triggered when uterine contractions are triggered by oxytocin. Instrumental delivery is one that is terminated by the application of a surgical instrument (forceps, vacuum, shovels).

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