Dreams. Definition

Medical Definition: dreams

Scenes with an emotional component that is experienced during sleep. Most dreams take place in the REM stage, as has been verified by polygraph tracings. The duration of dreams is usually brief, although the sequence of scenes covering a long time dream. We have studied the effect of light stimuli, acoustic, tactile, etc. On the content of dreams, proving that a certain percentage (which may range from 10 to 30%) there is a relationship between type of stimulus and nature of the dream scenes. Since ancient times has been trying to figure out what dreams mean. Freud wrote in 1900 a book widely on the meaning of dreams. He argued that in dreams, after patent is a latent content, which can be decoded by knowing the dream symbols. Given the importance that Freud attached to the libido in man's life, it is not surprising that most of its symbolism is sexual. A number of Freud's followers did not share these ideas and the importance that the psychiatrist was the interpretation of dreams as a complementary method of psychoanalysis.

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