Dumping syndrome. Definition

Medical Definition: dumping syndrome

Dumping syndrome. The set of signs and symptoms of rapid emptying of the stomach, which occurs in some patients undergoing gastrectomy (especially Billroth II) or stomach drainage procedures (gastrojejunostomy, pyloroplasty). There are two ways. The precocious form that is characterized by abrupt watery diarrhea immediately after eating, along with dizziness, watery secretion by the intestine faster, to receive a sudden osmotic load, especially when mixed fluids and carbohydrates. The late form occurs several hours after ingestion and is manifested as a reactive hypoglycemia box to the abrupt release of insulin, which is produced by the rapid absorption of carbohydrates leads to the syndrome. Many cases improve spontaneously over time, but most require dietary treatment and only a few corrective intervention of dumping (especially convert an assembly to Billroth Billroth I or II and Roux). View gastrectomy, vagotomy.

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