Essential hemorrhagic thrombocythemia. Definition

Medical Definition: essential hemorrhagic thrombocythemia

Chronic myeloproliferative syndrome, characterized by predominant proliferation of a pluripotent cell, leading to an absolute increase in the number of platelets. His diagnosis, failure to identify a clonal marker characteristic is established by the exclusion of other processes that present with thrombocytosis. Affects equally both sexes, with a peak incidence between the fifth and seventh decade, but with another peak in young adulthood. Familial cases have been reported. No predisposing factors have been identified. From the clinical point of view is manifested by a tendency to thrombotic complications and / or bleeding. 15-20% of patients have splenomegaly. Platelets have abnormal morphological, biochemical, and functional. The goal of treatment is to prevent thrombo-haemorrhagic complications. Once you have decided to take a cytoreductive treatment, can be used hydroxyurea, interferon and anagrelide.

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