Exchangeable sodium. Definition

Medical Definition: exchangeable sodium

Corresponds to the total body sodium less sodium nonexchangeable (fixed) found in bone. In the normal adult is about 40 mEq / kg body weight (whole body sodium is approximately 58 mEq / kg). Includes plasma sodium (11.2% of total body content), the interstitial fluid (29%), the dense connective tissue and cartilage (11.7%), exchangeable bone sodium (13.8%) intracellular sodium (2.4%) and sodium transcellular (2.6%). Total bone sodium (43.1%), 29.3% for the non-exchangeable sodium, united within the crystalline structure of bone, and 13.8% are interchangeable. The average adult body contains approximately 4,000 mEq of sodium, mEq of which 2,800 are in dynamic equilibrium between various compartments and represents a reservoir, which can act to replenish any compartment in which it reduced its content.

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