Hairy. Definition

Medical Definition: hairy

Condition that is prevalent in middle-aged men (45-50 years) and symptoms resulting from cytopenias such as infection episodes, or anemia, abdominal distension and / or, more rarely, may be an incidental finding in a routine analysis. Hairy cell leukemia (TL) is also called hairy cell leukemia. Physical examination shows an enlarged spleen and one third of patients are objectified abdominal lymph nodes, especially peripancreatic, tomography. Laboratory tests show, in general, a greater or lesser degree of cytopenia that derive from the bone marrow infiltration and / or hypersplenism. On the other hand, is characteristic monocytopenia. Most patients in the peripheral blood show a variable percentage of atypical lymphoid cells, designated tricoleucocitos. These have a relatively large size, large and clear cytoplasm with fine projections and a kidney-shaped or rounded nucleus. Bone marrow aspiration is usually dry and bone marrow biopsy shows a variable degree of infiltration by lymphoid cells and abundant cytoplasm surrounded by a clear halo pattern is described as \