Ileoanal reservoir. Definition

Medical Definition: ileoanal reservoir

Neorectus that is built using the ileum, when folded upon itself several times, joining these sections with mechanical sutures type GIA. This builds a bag of 150 ml capacity it replaces, in part, the storage function that makes the rectum. The reservoir can be built in the shape of S, W or J, the latter is the most widely used. This is one way to complete the total proctocolectomy, which may be associated with end ileostomy, if you dont want continence sutured or ileal pouch anal canal, searching for continence and anal transit. It's a risky intervention by the risk of suture dehiscence and pelvic sepsis, but now is made, usually after a proctocolectomy. Their functional outcome is variable in terms of continence and number of stools per day, which can range approximately between 4 and 15. View ulcerative colitis, continence, ileum, ileostomy, chronic familial polyposis, proctocolectomy.

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