Ion exchange resin. Definition

Medical Definition: ion exchange resin

Insoluble solid substance (polyelectrolytes) that exchanges ions in the surface with others of the same sign, present in an ionic solution. These substances are deionizers used to remove any inorganic ions dissolved in water. They may be cationic (sodium-hydrogen exchange, potassium, calcium, magnesium), anionic (hydroxyl ion exchange for bicarbonate, chloride, fluoride and sulfate), mixed (mixture of the previous) or double top (two consecutive tanks and anionic cationic). In recent replacement of anions and cations causes water to form hydrogen bonding and hydroxide. The effectiveness is monitored by the resistivity of the effluent. The resins are regenerated by washing and addition of strong acids or bases. Are used in dialysis units, to obtain high purity water and requires regular monitoring of the effluent.

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