Kidney. Definition

Medical Definition: kidney

Urinary organ attached to the posterior abdominal wall. Lying between the last thoracic vertebra and the third lumbar (right kidney is a couple of inches shorter than the left because the liver). It is shaped like beans and, when sectioned longitudinally, observed there two portions of a different structure: the crust, a burgundy red color, and bone, of a pinkish hue. The medial border of the kidney is excavated to form the renal sinus. The kidney is surrounded by a strong capsule and surrounding fatty tissue is wrapped by the adipose capsule, the peritoneum covers its anterior surface. The renal parenchyma is made up of units called nephrons, which are responsible for filtering the blood and reabsorb useful substances filtering. The urine is discharged into the collecting ducts that empty into the minor calyces of the renal pelvis. The amount of blood that is both kidneys filter about 1,300 liters per day.

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