Renal trauma. Definition

Medical Definition: renal trauma

The most common injury of the urinary tract. More common in young men (84% in children under 40 years), normally closed (80-90%), and between the open (10-20%), 80-90% are caused by a firearm. When the renal injury itself does not injure the kidney capsule, an intrarenal hematoma, the box is called a renal contusion, has a mild and did not require treatment. When the trauma injures the renal capsule, there is a traumatic perirenal hematoma. In general, it is usually confined to the perirenal space and, exceptionally, it is so important that it requires immediate surgical treatment. The renal injury is accompanied, in 90% of cases, hematuria, and this has nothing to do with the intensity of trauma. Mild renal contusions can have a severe hematuria and large perirenal hematoma or hematuria scarce. The diagnosis is made by abdominal CT. Renal contusion does not require treatment, and when there is a perirenal hematoma, the general attitude is expectant. 80% of perirenal hematomas resolve without surgery, when this is necessary, must be made on a deferred basis (three to seven days after injury) in order that the hematoma is stabilized and conservative surgery possible. Exceptionally, in patients with pulsatile hematoma due to a major shock or severe vascular lesions, a surgical emergency.

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