Digitalinum. Homeopathy

MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Digitalinum
1 Agitation, irritability. Sometimes sad, sometimes smiling.
2 You can not fix the attention, especially as you read. Hallucinations. Confusion better outdoors.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Digitalinum
3 - () profound prostration, to inability to move a muscle. Great fatigue. Paralytic weakness, with numbness and tremors in the limbs.
4 Worse on waking in the morning, at rest. Best: after dinner.
SPECIFIC Digitalinum
5 Vertigo with unstable vision and inability to establish distant objects. The objects appear to rotate horizontally, from left to right, closing his eyes better. Head back. Headache increases towards evening, violent headaches, lancinating pains. Facing heavy and hot. Tearing it up on occiput and vertex, followed by occipital pressure. As if the ground sank beneath him, supraorbital pain spread to the sinuses.
6 - () feeling that the eyes are enlarged and jump from the orbits, exophthalmos. Visual hallucinations. Floaters. Superior visual field clouds. Bright spot, like a ring with the colors of the prism, worse efforts. Go circles; halo around a flame is all yellow, all objects in a room come together. Photophobia.
7 Sneezing with runny nose, blood-streaked mucus in the morning, without smell. Hypersensitive to smells.
8 Face hot, red, feverish, or pale. Constant twitching in the upper lip, left.
Toothache throbbing 9. Large tongue, coated, bitter taste. Thick saliva.
10 - () violent sensations of hunger to wake up in the morning. Intense thirst, especially beer. Vacuum or faint feeling in stomach, fullness and nausea. Violent vomiting, incessant, yolk color or bile acid or white mucus, worse for drink. Stitches after dinner. Gastralgias as cramping, or sharp.
11 Abdomen retracted. Stitches like lightning. Colicos with plenty of fetid flatus morning on rising, followed by heavy and pasty feces. Labor-like pains from sacrum to the belly as if to come menstruation. Urgent desire to defecate. Diarrheal stools. Constipation, fecal pellets.
Polyuria or oliguria 12. Urine urea and chloride decreased and increased phosphate.
13 - () Sexual weakness or temporary abolition of sexual power. Wet dream that woke him.
Menstruation 14 advanced, profuse.
15 - () Hoarseness by chilling can barely speak, with violent pinching in larynx; aphonia. Short cough with yellowish white sputum. Breathing short walk and an awakening. Orgasm of blood to the thorax. Rheumatic pains in the chest, in the left side under the armpit, just to move. Constriction and stitches, pain in the sides of the thorax. Terebrante Pain from left shoulder blade to the chest region, worse when breathing deeply. Stabbing pain between the left nipple and the armpit, at night, lying on that side.
16 - () The site of action more important is the heart Digitalinum. In severe heart disease or where there is intense tachycardia (sinus or ventricular origin) or severe bradycardia (by inhibition atrioventricular), irregular pulse (bigeminy, extrasystoles banal, arrhythmia franca), hypotension, devoicing of heart sounds and chest pain. The electrocardiographic changes of intoxication (and uitilizables, therefore, to compare with the present heart disease) are extremely slow pulse or with extremely rapid, T wave flattening and decline in the 3-lead ST (Vandeprote). Marked sensation as if heart would stop if the patient moves. Indicated in the overloaded heart, forced. Feeling of anxiety with trembling and chest as if to stop the evening sitting. Points to each pulsation. Precordial palpitations with jabs while walking. Violent palpitations and pains, worse lying on left side. Tumultuous and irregular heart action. Pulse small, almost imperceptible, with strong heart action, pounding.
Neck 17 left rigid, tomorrow, with violent pain between the shoulder blades, like cramps, with oppression of breathing. Painful sensation, as if the blades would have joined him.
18 - () Members tremors, weakness, unsafe heavy as if paralyzed, with worse pain at rest. Pinching, pressing, throbbing. Pressure on the shoulders twitching pain in the biceps and pressing, throbbing or tearing at the elbows. Splayed toes. Right hand and fingers were swollen. Cramps in thighs and calves. Pain in right knee. Sore right ankle sprain. Left foot asleep. Pressure that separates the left toes.
19 Chills with shivering. Feet and hands cold, wet palms. Shuddering in back, especially in the sacral region. Heat in the neck that rises to the head and spreads throughout the body. Profuse night sweats. Is washed in cold sweats.