Digitalis. Homeopathy

Digitalis purpurea - Foxglove - Digital)
1 - () Great anxiety, guilt. Feel remorse. Extreme anxiety, especially in the evening or night, with a tendency to mourn and a great fear of the future. Anxiety at night with sadness and insomnia.
2 - () fear: to die to lose his reason; the future of suffocating night.
3 - () Wants to be alone, do not feel like talking, a tendency to be left. Try to escape if imposed company. Deep sadness, melancholia, worse music, with sighs and tears, especially in heart. Indifference, worst in the evening. Irresolution. Obstinacy.
4 - () Low memory. Forget everything immediately. Think hard.
5 - () Scream encephalique in hydrocephalus and acute meningitis, and sleeping.
6 States paroxysmal rage and manic delirium. Delirium tremens when displayed slowly.
7 Disorders by unrequited love, for bad news (the felt in the stomach).
8 Fantasias eroticas day and night.
9 - () The key symptom of Digitalis is an extremely slow and weak pulse, or intermittent, with absent pulses every third or fifth or seventh beat, or filled, irregular, fast. This pulse, especially the slow, accompanying heart disease, liver or any other order, Digitalis, and can reach figures of between 30 and 50 beats per minute. Pulse slower than the heartbeat. Pulse trigeminal. Pulse accelerated easily by the slightest movement. Slow pulse lying down, it becomes irregular and dicrotic sitting in bed. Throbbing in the body, worse pressure.
10 - () Weakness in the morning on waking and rising, with tremors and slow pulse. Faint feeling anxious and restless, by the slightest movement or effort, with slow pulse. Excessive weakness, especially after breakfast and lunch, after coition or pollutions. Fainting, exhaustion, extreme prostration. Collapse, sometimes with convulsions. Syncope can occur when standing up suddenly in bed.
11 - () Cyanosis, especially in the face, eyelids, lips, tongue, hands, around, and generally associated with heart disease. Cyanosis in infants. Veins in eyes, ears, lips and tongue.
12 - () All types of edema, especially in heart diseases, external and internal. Edema with suppression of urine. Edema post-scarlet fever.
13 - () Worst: sitting, especially sitting upright, by motion, after eating or drinking, for music, for efforts, sexual excesses, lying on the left side by pressure or touch, Better: lying on his back ; to cold air, an empty stomach, for the rest.
14 - () High sensitivity to cold air and aggravation, the cold weather, the weather changes, food and cold drinks. Want outdoors.
15 Bruscas hot flashes, followed by great nervous weakness and intermittent and weak pulse, at the climacteric; worse by the slightest movement.
Facies 16 children with very white and blond. Menopause.
Desire and aversion of Digitalis
17 like bitter foods and beverages.
18 Fainting with bradycardia, sweating, cold and dead appearance. Vertigo with anxiety, worse off, on rising from sitting, walking or traveling, sometimes with ringing in the ears; in heart disease and liver disease. Confusion in the head. Every night when falling asleep, waking startled a metallic or crack in the head several times, until he can sleep. Pressure and mental strain mental strain or eye-rolling. Headache in temples, forehead and parietal, worse cold drink or ice cream. Hydrocephalus. The head falls backward when walking or sitting, as from paralysis of the muscles of the neck, or is always like that. Itching on one side of the head. Feeling that your brain falls forward when stooping. Ripples in the brain, as if water, worse off, talking, shaking his head and bending the head back, better lying down and tilting the head forward.
19 - () Waterfalls. The objects are pale green, white, red or yellow. Watch the colors of the rainbow or halo around light colors. Go hairs; floaters. See sparks. Hemiopia horizontal. On waking, sees everything as snowy. Tendency to look away. Diplopia. Pupils dilated and insensible; inactivated; miosis. Retinal detachment.
Conjunctivitis with photophobia, tearing, worse in open air, purulent discharge, burning. Dacryocystitis. Swelling and burning on the edges of the eyelids. Yellowish red conjunctiva. Eyelid cyanotic. You stick the eyelids in the morning. Sensation of sand in the eyes.
20 Hey sounds like boiling water. Hearing loss. Otalgia. Points behind the ears.
21 Pain in the root of the nose. Coryza with hoarseness. Espistaxis.
22 - () parotid swelling. Sickly expression. Face pale, puffy, looking dead red, bluish red. Cyanosis with blue lips and eyelids, skin cyanotic and cold. Jaundice. Seizures in the left side of the face. Black pores. Lips dry, shrunken, with eruptions. Cheek swollen, painful to touch.
23 - () taste sweet or bitter and sweet fetida sialorrhea. Copious saliva appalling, spitting all the time; salivation night. Tongue and gums peeling. Tongue blue or white. Bitter taste of pan. Tongue clean with nausea. Ulcers on the tongue. Canker. Stitches in the throat when not swallowing. Sensation as if the walls of the throat were swollen. Constriction of the throat, painful swallowing.
24 - () Lack of appetite fast society. Thirst continuously with dry lips. Regurgitation acres. Feeling faint or faint of stomach, as if about to die (worse if it moves), with nausea after eating deadly, violent convulsive nausea and retching from the smell of food or to see them, continuous and not relieved by vomiting, with anguish and sadness, nausea before and after urination. Nausea and vomiting just eating or moving, coughing or cough, vomiting, bilious, mucous, food; of tomorrow. Great anxiety in pit. Stomach sensitive to bad news. Extreme sensitivity and epigastric pain, with frequent and deep sighs. Burning coming up the esophagus. Gastric distention. Very sour belching. Dyspepsia. Gastralgias burning or cramping, belching better. Gastric fullness. Sense of shrinkage in the epigastrium.
25 - () The liver is one of the main centers of action of Digitalis. Liver sore and hard, congested, sensitive to pressure. Hypertrophy in liver disease. Tables obstructive bile duct, with large liver pain, jaundice, slow pulse and feces discolored. Fullness in the belly distended. Sharp pains or cramps, colic with vomiting. Ascites. Strangulated hernia. Flatulence. Empty feeling, faintness or weakness in the womb. Pain in the descending colon. Pulsation in the abdominal aorta.
26 - () The stools are gray or white ash, like milk, clear, discolored, or plaster or putty. Diarrhea in jaundice. Involuntary stools, watery, offensive. Obstinate constipation. Taeniasis.
27 - () Nephritis post-scarlatinal with anasarca and pulmonary edema. Chronic nephritis with edema and bradycardia. Throbbing pain in the bladder neck during efforts to urinate. Sensation of fullness in the bladder even after urination. Dysuria with constant urge to urinate, worse at night, with tenesmus, urgency violent, ineffective, leaving little urine, hot, hot. As if the urethra were contracted; weak jet. Great desire to urinate after going a few drops, dripping with simultaneous desire to defecate. Urine: thick, turbid, yellow brown, black; acre, with brick dust sediment; with albumin. Uremia. Involuntary urination. Enuresis. It is one of the most important drugs for prostate hypertrophy (with Puls., Con and Bar_C.) Senile, with acute urinary retention or leakage. Cystitis.
28 - () Gonorrhea; secretion yellowish, thick. Left hydrocele, the scrotum looks like a bladder filled with water. Frequent nocturnal emissions great sexual weakness and sadness. Spermatorrhoea after intercourse. Masturbation. Without erection sexual desire, or painful erections. Impotence. Balanitis. Phimosis with burning when urinating. Edema of the penis, foreskin, scrotum, in the genitals. Right Testicle swollen and beaten. Great post-coital genital weakness.
29 - () Menses suppressed, with cough and hemoptysis vicariant. Premenstrual pains in the abdomen and back, as in childbirth. Nymphomania; erotic thoughts day and night. Menses copious, or scanty and late.
30 - () Hoarseness in the morning, painless, spasm of glottis. Breathing irregular, with deep and frequent sighs. Difficult breathing, slow and deep. Asthma, with many tural and crackles, severe and afraid to speak or move; worse early in the morning or at night, cold weather, walking or lying (or better), or 10 to 12 and 16 to 18 hours, with sensation of constriction in the chest. Constant desire to inspire deeply, but only half succeeds, as if he had a disability. When this by falling asleep or just go to sleep, seems stopped breathing, and wakes up gasping. Fear of drowning at night, with desire for fresh air. Cardiac dyspnea, dyspnea on exertion. You can only breathe gasping, and each one you think will be the last, must sit. Cough hoarse, deep, spasmodic, worse at midnight and the morning, worse from talking, walking, drinking something cold, after eating and leaning the body forward and heated. Choking cough that ends with the expulsion of a mass of red sputum. Coughing up thick mucus, such as cooked starch, hemoptysis, sweet. Whooping-cough, cough with vomiting. Hemoptysis vicariant from suppressed menses, premenstrual hemoptysis. Weakness in the chest; not tolerate speech. Passive pulmonary congestion in heart disease. Pulmonary tuberculosis, especially Florida, with chronic colds, dyspnea and chest pains, dry cough, hemoptysis, better outdoors. Senile pneumonia and bronchopneumonia, with expectoration as prune juice, collapse and heart failure. Emphysema in heart disease, better lying still, worse walking. Pleurisy serophibrinous, rheumatic. Hydrothorax, in heart disease or chronic nephritis.
31 - () The main focus of action of Digitalis is the heart. All heart disease, if the characteristic symptoms are present (especially the pulse [see 9]) can be positively affected by this drug. Sensation as if the heart had stopped beating or not to stop abruptly, dogfish to make a move, needing to hold your breath. Violent heartbeat, but not very fast. Hiposistolia and asystole, heart weakened, with great diminution of their forces, even without valvular lesions. The minor muscular exertion difficult and laborious and makes intermittent cardiac work, especially vigorous shake and your arms up, and lying on the left side. Generalized edema, anasarca great, with cold extremities, and cyanotic and faint feeling chest. Angina pectoris. Sudden violent throbbing rhythm altered sensation of imminent death with terror and anxiety, worse from least motion, with pain throughout the left upper limb, with tingling to the fingers, very sharp point every 15 minutes. Anxiety chest pain and palpitations, but sometimes without any apparent reason. Strong heartbeat, palpitations violent, audible, constrictive retrosternal pain. Palpitations: for penalties; ascending; by movements, especially of the arms from emotion; strain, with anxiety; stationary with roll over in bed. Valvular ventricular dilatation, with great dyspnoea and anasarca. Cardiac hypertrophy. Heart murmurs. Mitral regurgitation. Rheumatic heart with irregular pulse. Cyanotic children with fainting by the slightest change of position, vomiting and very slow. Cyanosis in the chest. Hydropericardium. Endocarditis, myocarditis, pericarditis.
32 - () Paralytic heaviness or weakness of the left upper limb, severe pain in the shoulder and arm, with tingling (in angina pectoris or other heart disease). The fingers fall asleep easily and often. Cold limbs, worse on the hands and feet, cyanosis, edema, especially in the lower limbs and feet. Sense of paralysis and exhaustion, especially in knees and legs. Tearing pains in the joints of the fingers, stiffness paralytic. Hip pain, hip pain. High stiffness in the legs while sitting, better when walking. Burning in the legs to cross his legs. A cold hand and the other hot. Sense of red-hot ring in the legs.
33 - () wakes up often at night, startled, frightened by dreams of falling from a height or into water. He prefers to be lying with his head down, without a pillow. Lethargy, much drowsiness. Anxious and non-refreshing sleep, interrupted by repeated urination.
34 - () internal chill, starting with cold feet and spreading throughout the body, with heat and redness in the face, or external heat, cold skin. Mutts in the back. Internal cold. Hot body with cold sweat on his face. Sudden heat waves with great weakness. Sweats immediately after the chill. Sweats: copious, and at night, cold and slimy. Sweats in the upper body. Cold sweats all over his body, and warm in the palms.
35 - () Cyanosis (see 11). Skin cold with bradycardia; pale. Severe jaundice, with bradycardia and feces of white ash. Itching. Desquamation of the skin. Elastica white swelling throughout the body. Dark red erythema worse in the back, like measles.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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