Dioscorea. Homeopathy

(Dioscorea villosa - Wild Yam)
1 - () He calls things by wrong names, write "right" when he means "Left".
Aversion to company 2. Great depression. Tired, but walks the room, restless.
3 irritable, upset.
4 - () The pain is constant, and compounded at regular intervals by intense paroxysms. The pain, very sharp, going from one place to another, or radiating up and down, or are in remote locations (Berberis), especially since the womb.
5 - () Worse, bending, sitting, lying down, at dusk and at night, tomorrow, from 2 onwards; by nocturnal emissions. Best: being right or standing upright, for the movement, the open air by stretching backward, by pressure, walking, traveling.
6 People old and young, with poor digestion and bloating, postprandial hepatic and intestinal disorders, by overeating, errors in diet (rancid cheese, raw fruits, cakes) or fast, in heavy drinkers of tea.
7 Korea. Fainting when sitting (of lying) in bed.
8 Vertigo with tendency to fall backwards, when walking, is deflected to the right, with heat in head. Fullness cephalic, the head feels as if bound by a band. Headache from crown to the shoulders, in temples, front, with nausea and coryza; cutting in the occipital and eyes.
9 eyes weakness, pain, worse on the right, as if hot air out of them, worse in the evening. Eyelids stick tomorrow. Tearing, hot tears, worse in the open air should ignore. Sensation of dust, chips or eye lashes.
10 Pain in the ears and back. Balls fall right ear wax. Suddenly feels clogged ears and hurt when touched. Itching in the right channel. Ear pain when blowing or coughing.
11 Sneezing with obstruction dry or watery nasal secretion. Epistaxis left, followed by a dark clot, sitting and writing. Nostrils sore. Feel bad smell. Coryza.
12 pains in the left angle of the jaw. Hard jaws, tight. Dry lips, corners bruised. Granites in the face with black tip.
13 Languages brown tomorrow, white, yellow. Burning sensation on the edges of the tongue, it bites, sore point. Bitter taste, sweet, Harsh, waking at 4 with bitter taste, dry mouth and dizzy. Palate and gums sore. Salivation sleeping, out of the mouth.
14 Sore throat, burning, rough, dry, constant tendency to swallow, with nausea and tremors. Feeling of constriction, as if something tight in the neck, with dyspnea. Stitches from the amygdala to the ear. Itching in the left tonsil. Parotid sore.
15 - () epigastric pain, and cramps, followed by huge amount of belching, tasteless or sour or bitter or taste like rotten eggs; involuntary belching, improving it, followed by hiccups and flatulence. Nausea. Vomiting and diarrhea, with watery stools and cramping. Can not bear tight clothing. Faint feeling in pit. Heartburn. Gastralgias sharp, sharp, cramping, belching and better standing erect or drawn back by the pressure or, worse stooping, extended to the left upper quadrant and back. Discomfort and burning in the stomach.
16 - () Violent colic twist the patient, appearing in regular paroxysms, with referrals as if a strong hand squeezing her intestines, worse lying down and bent forward, better be right upright, bending backwards (the opposite of Colocynth) , rubbing or movement, forcing him to walk. Periumbilical pain, like a pinch or cramp. Flatulence after eating, tea-drinkers, with violent cramps, a lot of rumbling and elimination of many fetid flatus. Cutting pains in the liver and the gall, worse in evening and morning, jumping to the right nipple. Biliary colic, the pain radiates to the chest, back and arms. Periumbilical pain or belly at one point that radiates to all parts of the body, even to the extremities, to the toes and hands. Belly aching and sensitive to pressure. Pain in the English, made out to the testicles. Pain in the sigmoid colon, spread to the back, with vomiting.
17 - () Itching in the rectum. Piles like cherries or grapes, with pain radiating everywhere. After stool: anal prolapse, weakness in the stomach, cramping. Urgency to defecate who rushed out of bed with diarrhea. Very offensive flatus, hot. Before and during defecation, pain in sacrum and bowels, twitching radiating up and down and then the whole body. Diarrhea with copious stools, liquid, yellow in the morning, followed by a feeling of faintness, without relief of pain. Loose stools with much effort and pain, dark, bilious, very offensive. Alternating diarrhea and constipation in pregnancy. Tenesmus. Colera. Toxicosis in the child. Dysentery.
18 - () Renal colic, especially right, with radiation of pain to the testicle, severe pain with heavy groans, cold sweats and tachycardia, retching and frequent urination. Expulsion of kidney stones. Spasmodic stricture of the urethra.
19 - () Nocturnal pollutions asleep or unconscious, without erection, without erotic dreams, with depression. Constant sexual excitement with frequent erections day and night, or decreased sexual desire. Spermatorrhoea. Impotence. Genitals cold and relaxed, almost numb. Strong-smelling sweat on scrotum and pubis.
20 - () Dysmenorrhea, uterine cramps, pains that jump to different parts. False labor pains alternating with very painful cramps in the flexors of the toes and hands. Wrongs.
* 1 laryngeal cough from tickling constant. Sharp cutting pain from his left armpit to the nipple and then down in the left lung, better by pressure. Cough with pain in epigastrium and temples. Pain in both lungs from front to back and vice versa.
22 - () Acute pain precordial, you stop breathing, worse lying on left side. Angina pectoris. Internal sternal pain and sudden spread to both arms and hands can not move or speak, with dyspnea, sweating, cold and almost pulseless. Intermittent pulse every 8 or 10 beats.
23 - () pain and neck stiffness. Sharp pains to back tomorrow, can hardly turn around in bed, better by motion. Deep, aching pain in the lower left shoulder blade, followed by pain through the right lung. Itching in the left shoulder blade. Drawing pains in the sacrum and the sacroiliac joint. Hyperesthesia of the spine, it feels as if beaten.
24 - () Felon in its first stage, fingers (one of the most important drugs) with very sharp pains. Tendency to suppuration periungual. Pain in left shoulder, left hand falls asleep. Pain in the bones of the forearm, wrist and hands. Sciatic pain since leaving the entire length of the right leg, worse on motion and sitting, better still in bed. Dull, tearing at the hips. Knee pain, weakness, trembling. Ankles weak and painful. Rheumatic pains, worse at night and early morning. Some very fragile.
25 - () dreams. Worse after sleep: dry mouth, bitter urgency to defecate, eyes glued, palpitations, stomach upsets. Takes to fall asleep and wake up early.
26 Burning and itching of skin.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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