Diphterinum. Homeopathy

(Prepared with diphtheritic pseudomembrane)
"The symptoms listed below are cured symptoms, investigations which the author has found credible and as a guide for 25 years." "Like all nosodes, is practically useless in powers under the 30th centesimal; its curative value increases with increasing power, from the 200th to 1.000ay CM. It is not necessary, and should not be repeated frequently. cure in each case to do the antitoxin, and not only easy to administer, but also safe and completely free of dangerous sequelae. "The author has used for 25 years as a prophylactic, and never had heard that there has been a second case of diphtheria in a family after being administered. It asks that the medical profession to test and publish failures throughout the world "(HC Allen).
1 - () Drowsiness or stupor from which comes easily to speak (Bapt., Sulph.).
2 Speak in a dream, eyes open.
3 - () In particular usefulness in all sequels, recent or distant, of diphtheria, especially in post-diphtheritic paralysis and myelitis, especially when using the serum, after failing Causticum, Gelsemium, Nux Vomica, Secale and remedies best chosen. Some indicated in these cases although the etiology is not diphtheritic.
4 - () is very useful as a prophylactic (vaccination or diphtheria) which, moreover, was proved scientifically and objectively by Chavannon in 1930, getting a negative result with the Schick dose Diphterinum 1000th-8000th. The same obtained in 1941 in England, Peterson and Boyd, with Diphterinum 15a and 100a. In patients with weak or exhausted vitality and, therefore, are extremely susceptible to the diphtheritic infection.
5 - () When diphtheria tends to malignancy from the outset and more carefully selected remedies fail to relieve or permanently improve. Collapse near the beginning, with weak, rapid pulse and low vital reaction.
6 - () particularly useful in patients with tuberculosis, psoric, scrofulous, with a tendency to catarrhal affections of the throat and respiratory mucosa.
7 Weakness and anxiety, but no pain. Shaking in various sites.
8 - () Epistaxis with deep prostration from the very beginning of the disease. Thick yellow nasal discharge.
9 - () Diphtheria painless, the symptoms are almost totally objective, so weak and bedridden patients, who did not complain, with drowsiness or stupor (see l). Dark red swelling of the tonsils and arches of the palate, with very swollen glands in the neck, with breath and throat secretions, nose and mouth horribly foul, with very red, swollen tongue. Diafterica membrane thick, dark gray or blackish brown, low or subnormal temperature, weak and rapid pulse, cold extremities and great weakness, and stupor, with dazed eyes. Swallow without pain, but fluids are vomited or exit through the nose when swallowing.
Laryngeal diphtheria 10, after Chlorine, Kali bichrome. or Lac caninum.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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