Diphterotoxinum. Homeopathy

(Diphtheria Toxin)
1 - () Chavannon was indicated to 30th, every other day, in the post-diphtheritic paralysis, and he used to 400A, in two doses two months apart, in the immunization against diphtheria. In malnourished children, which are exhausted easily and have frequent nosebleeds, colds, bronchitis and recurrent angina, poor appetite and greatly diminished school performance (with retardation). In adults, choking, coughing with expectoration difficult and very fetid breath.
2 - () Blanching, indolence, weakness, anorexia, hypotension, and palpitations. Thinning, Frilair. Rapid fatigue.
3 - () Polyneuropathy incomplete sensory motor, symmetrical, flaccid, predominantly distal, and impaired deep sensitivity. O. Julian advised to Diphterotoxinum 30th CH. in neurological diseases with a predominance of flaccid paralysis.
4 Worse on motion. Better: heat, by bed rest. SPECIAL
5 Disorders of accommodation, with trouble near vision.
6 - () crusts and nasal secretion offensive. Colds, coryza or serosanguineous pseudomembranous sometimes. The fluids exit through the nose when swallowing or vomiting. Epistaxis.
7 - () Red, swollen. Breath very offensive.
8 - () tonsils with false membranes and red throat; with micropoliadenopatias neck. Diphtheritic malignant angina from the beginning, with great prostration. False memnbranas are thick and dark. Paralysis of the soft palate. Dysphagia.
Anorexia 9. Gastralgias. Constipation.
10 - () Paralysis of the vocal cords. Bitonal voice, nasal. Aphonia. Hoarse cough. Difficult expectoration, worse at night, foul or purulent, especially in children and the elderly.
11 Tachycardia, palpitations. Hypotension.
12 - () Polyneuropathy, especially in the lower limbs with paresis and "steppage.
13 - () evening fever with poor general condition.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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