Dirca palustris. Homeopathy

1 The time passes very slowly. Absent. Depression.
2 - () Worse: motion; walking. Better: by pressure, defecating, goes (cramps).
3 neuralgic pains that go from outside to inside.
4 Vertigo when walking, he looks set to fall to the left. Headaches extended to the column. Feeling that the brain is projected forward. Headache: in temples, better by pressure, on the left side of the head, worse when coughing or moving. He wakes with occipital pain, worse on moving and getting up at midday, is disappearing at dusk. Scalp feels dry and tight.
5 eyes sore. Eyelids heavy. Photophobia upon waking and throughout the day.
6 Face red and puffy from tomorrow.
7 - () Tongue white and dirty. Acid taste. Throat red, rough, painful swallowing.
8 - () No thirst. Belching. Upset stomach, with sensation of weight or foreign body in the stomach. Digestion altered.
9 - () lancinating pain in hypochondrium, with bloat. Burning under the navel and in the intestines. Rumbling. Colic bending and defecate. Stomach painful to pressure, worse when walking. Dull or bearing down in the hypogastric, which does not improve or lying or senttda, but if you give the headache.
10 - () stitches, throbbing and tenderness in the anus, worse after stool. Diarrhea, sudden, gushing, watery or yellowish, with tenesmus. Constipation; urgent desire, but only mucus comes out sparkling. Stool dry, adherent.
11 Aching in the bladder.
Sense of utero under 12, with bearing down to defecate. Menses advanced.
13 - () Stitches in larynx from the outside in, sharp pains with hot flashes worse tomorrow. Pertussis (Kent). Fetida sweet and mucous expectoration. Dyspnea on exertion or even mild elevations up. Sharp pain in the right chest, which descends into the belly or place the left shoulder blade; oppression.
14 - () Corazon excitable by the slightest movement. Palpitations to ascend. Suddenly weak and irregular pulse.
15 back pain, in the lower back and kidneys. Pain in both shoulders, can not keep them still. Muscles sore and stiff. Neuralgic pains in the legs.
16 - () Sleepy but can not sleep. Sounds with corpses.