Treatments of illnesses using natural medicine

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Introduction to the section: treatment of diseases 

SaludBio's natural treatments are based on investigations made over hundreds of years by numerous naturopaths and investigators about therapies or natural treatments like Bernard Jensen (Natural Medicine), A.Vogel (Natural Medicine and Phytotherapy), Manuel Lezaeta (Natural Medicine - thermic doctrine - Geotherapy), Ferrandiz (Phytotherapy), Sebastian Kneipp (Hydrotherapy), Samuel Hahnemann (Homeopathy), Hans Heinrich Reckeweg (Homotoxicology), Rene Quinton (Thalassotherapy), Linus Pauling (ortomolecular medicine) and other techniques and treatments like the hygienism, geobiology, etc. 

Objectives of the Therapeutic Index

The Therapeutic index is by no means a medical consultancy.  That would be an error.  As with any symptom visit your doctor, therapist or naturopath in order for them to study your particular case. 

The reason is very simple: Each person is a universe.  It can be said that we are all physiologically and structurally the same, however each person has a different constitution, innate strenths and weaknesses, environment, upbringing, mentality, personality etc which differs them from other individuals.  When a person has a health problem the first thing that should be done is to make a medical record.  We can only make a diagnosis through anamnesis and clinical examination. 

However, there is a great deal of information about treatments, diets, therapies etc that circulate on the internet.  All we want to do is provide valid information given by qualified professionals that can be useful at anytime and to even help understand why a certain type of medicinal plant, nutritious supplement or treatment etc can be useful for a certain health problem.  

I consider that one of the most important rights that everybody has, in addition to health, is information.  Each one of us takes responsiblity for that right and how it is used. 

What the treatments or techniques are based on

You will observe that the index contains the name of the disease or the organ in question which is suffering from a problem.  Although it may not be a specific problem it will indicate what foods, medicinal plants, supplements or nutritional complements, treatments will work well for such an organ.   It stands to reason that there is a great deal more information that could be shown here. 

As will be noted mainly:

  • Foods or juices that are suitable for certain disorders or organs.
  • Medicinal plants that can help to clean, purify, feed and regenerate.
  • Homeopathy: Homeopathic remedies that have worked in these cases.  Health problems or illnesses that can be treated using homeopathic remedies are usually given in a dilution of 5CH or 7 CH, five granules an hour unless another dilution is recommended. The interval between doses gets longer when there is an improvement.
  • Hydrotherapy: Washing, rubbing, bathroom, etc useful.
  • Geotherapia.: Mud, clay, cataplasms, etc.
  • Thalassotherapy: Using sea water as a nutritional complement.
  • Complements or nutritious supplements: Vitamins, minerals, oils, etc.
  • Homotoxicology: Homotoxicological medication ( 2 generation homeopathy ) is very helpful. 

There won't always be information on all the previous sections.  Information will be provided for the most common health complaints. 

Nutrition: The key to health

However, I want to say something fundamental: In the majority of cases, without a change in diet, all the advice could come to nothing. With all the decades of experience in the field of natural or alternative medicine we can say that nutrition is the first and main medication that we count on. If we do not take this into account, everything else could be, if not a failure, not as effective as we wanted. 

Therefore, a healthy vegetarian diet (in most cases), along with biological food (if possble) is the key.  Don't forget if you don't change your food habits, sometimes your everyday habits and many times even your personality or view point on life can lead to not finding one of the most important treasures at your disposal:  HEALTH.  

Observations: Remember that medicinal plants can have different names depending on the country. On the other hand, not all of them can be found due to the legislation of each country.

Regarding homotoxicology products:

G = drops, C = tablets, A =  blisters, P = pomade 

The definitions of diseases are based on the Terminological Medical Dictionary of Science. ( 13th edition ). 

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