Dolichos pruriens. Homeopathy

Dolichos pruriens
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Dolichos pruriens
1 Hypersensitivity nervous. Intense concern.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Dolichos pruriens
2 - () Worse: at night, by warmth of bed (pruritus), the right side; wet feet (cramps), for cold water (burns on the skin that itches) by scratching.
3 - () muscle twitching. Clonic spasms of the limbs, with loss of consciousness, eyes fixed and open. Seizures in children, worse in the dentition.
4 neuralgic pain following a herpes zoster.
SPECIFIC Dolichos pruriens
5 - () Eyes yellow. Eruption on the edge of the eyelids. Pain in the right eye.
6 Pain in right ear, then left.
7 - () Face yellow. Redness of one cheek. Puffy face, but on the lips.
8 - () Disorders of dentition in children with sore gums, are rubbing continuously. Gums painful, overly sensitive, swollen, red, with pains worse at night, preventing sleep, almost unable to eat or drink. Taste of blood when coughing.
9 - () Pain in throat, worse when swallowing, underneath the right mandibular angle, as if there had stuck a splinter of wood vertically. Sore throat on the right side, which goes to the left, as contracted.
10 - () bilious vomiting.
11 - () Liver swollen, sore, not tolerate tight clothing. Liver disease with jaundice, pruritus, white stools and constipation. Intense stomach cramps, worse from motion. Pain below the navel and the groin. Distended stomach with constipation, with noise.
12 - () Constipation: during dentition, in pregnancy, in liver disorders, itching. White stools. Hemorrhoids with burning. Intestinal Parasites.
Enuresis 13. Elimination of gravel or small stones.
14 - () Cough worse when lying down at night, with wheezing and dyspnea, from 4 hours until the morning, loud, incessant, with easy expectoration. Intercostal herpes zoster with much itching and burning. Dolores vertices through the lungs.
15 - () violent and intolerable itching all over, no visible rash, worse at night in bed (being deprived of sleep) and the heat scratch incessantly, without relief or to intensify the itching, which is more intense in the back, knees and hairy places. Senile pruritus. Jaundice with pruritus. Yellow spots on the skin. Herpes zoster.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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