Doryphora. Homeopathy

(Doryphora decemlineata - Bedbug or potato beetle)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Doryphora
M Stupor murmuring. Delirium with red face and protruding eyes, talk and gossip about their occupations. Deliriurn tremens.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Doryphora
2 - () Burning in the mouth, throat, stomach, stomach, rectum, urinary tract, penis, feet.
3 - () Worse: motion; by smoking, in a warm room; by pressure. Better: open air.
4 - () Desfallecimento, weakness, prostration, collapse, shaking. Prostration after typhoid or diphtheria. Weakness worse by talking. Feelings of weight or heaviness.
5 - () The blood does not clot. Altered red cells.
6 huge swelling around the body. Swelling elastica; myxedema.
SPECIFIC Doryphora
7 dizziness, with nausea and vomiting. Congestion of the head.
8 Eyes red, sore, outgoing. Mydriasis. Vision impaired.
9 face red and bloated, looking like a drinker. Erysipelas.
10 Intense heat mouth. Dark brown tongue. Foul breath. Throat dry with desire to swallow. Feeling of constriction and raw. Burning in the throat and esophagus, with cough and gastralgia.
11 - () Nausea and vomiting. Vomiting dark, black, lumpy acres, of dirty brown liquid with diarrhea. No appetite, great thirst. Gastralgias.
12 - () Rumbling. Spleen pain. Pains in stomach, worse from eating or drinking, or to inspire. Abdomen heavy, aching, burning, sensitive. Diarrhea morning with pains and rectal burning.
13 - () Retention of urine. Dysuria with burning or stabbing pain, urethritis in children by local irritation, pain on urination terrible.
14 - () Itching and burning in the glans, which is swollen and red. Gonorrhea.
15 - () Chest pain and oppressed. Back pain, but in the lumbar region.
16 - () severe tremor in the limbs, worse on the right arm and leg, can not write. Feet swollen. Feet and hands frozen.
17 Restless night. Insomnia until 24, then restless sleep with frightful dreams, screams asleep.
18 Alternating cold with hot skin. High fever at night. Violent fever from 8 to 14 hours.