Dr. Teresa Forcades - Video on Influenza A

SaludBio in his eagerness to disseminate knowledge that allows us to make good decisions about health issues, presents a video made by Alisha Dr. Teresa Forcades that can shed much light on the whole very strange that there is misinformation on influenza A.

The video has a duration of more than 50 minutes and makes a journey to help us better understand:
- What is the Influenza A?
- How is made influenza vaccines.
- The inexplicable errors on the preparation of the flu vaccine last spring that I have been a world tragedy.
- Definition of a pandemic, according to the WHO, and the change in the definition recently.
- Side effects of the vaccine Influenza A
- Vaccine yes or no.
- The political effects of the performance of WHO, and many more ...

With the release of this video we hope we have at our disposal a tool to help us make decisions on whether the vaccination for influenza A, as expected by some and hated by others is the best.

On the other hand raises a series of questions as to whether we are putting our health and our families in the hands of the right people, or in the hands of commercial interests of a few, or even white-collar terrorism.

From SaludBio express our deepest agradecimieno to Alisha for enabling disclosure of the video.

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