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Definition of dropsy, edema, and anasarca
Hydrops is the accumulation of serous fluid transudate in a cavity or tissue.

It differs with the edema, the edema is the infiltration of the same serum in the interstitial spaces of tissues, especially in the subcutaneous loose connective tissue. While a state anasarca is generalized throughout the body of edema and dropsy. Because these three states may have the same cause, can occur simultaneously.

Causes of hydrops
Dropsy is not a disease in itself but a symptom of other disease states. The cause of dropsy is in those pathological conditions which hinder the free flow of blood inside the blood vessels, causing congestion in the same and increased transudation through the vessel walls. One example is in decompensated heart disease, or if a blood vessel is crushed by a tumor, etc..

At other times the cause of dropsy is not mechanical but due to the alteration of the walls of blood vessels (eg, as they become more permeable) or blood diseases.

Types of dropsy
According to the organic cavity that accumulates in the plasma transudate and the cause which produces it is called dropsy. We note a few:
* Cardiac dropsy: The loss due to compensation in heart disease.
* Dropsy of the ovary: ovarian cyst or cystoma.
* Dropsy of head: Hydrocephalus.
* Dropsy impairment: a disease caused by liver
* Renal Dropsy: Edema due to renal disease.
* Dropsy of the pleura: hydrothorax.
* Dropsy articulate: Hidroartrosis.
* Etc., etc..

Medical treatments and natural remedies for dropsy
There will always be to find the cause of the condition and try to correct it. However, we mention some herbal remedies and homeopathy (homotoxicology) that can help in all these cases.

Medicine for dropsy with Medicinal Plants: Artichoke, Wormwood, celery, onion, Frangula, Meadowsweet, Figs, Parietaria, Elder, Sarsaparilla, Saponaria.

Medicine for the dropsy with Homotoxicology - Homeopathy:. Apis-Homaccord (G.A.) Lymphomyosot (g.c.a.).

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