Drosera. Homeopathy

(Drosera rotundifolia - Planta Carnivora)

1 - () thinks he is pursued (China), especially with imaginary enemies. Delusion of persecution. Very suspicious, suspicious. Paranoia.

2 - () Anxiety and fear being alone, especially at dusk and wake up at night. Fear of ghosts. Anxiety about the future discouraged. Sad, worse if you are alone.

3 - () The tendency to suicide, drowning.

4 - () mental restlessness, can not pay attention for long, but when reading or studying.

5 Obstinate, stubborn, insists on going ahead with their plans; tenacious. Very irritable, irascible, gets out of if for any small thing.

6 - () Tuberculosis is a major indication of Drosera, especially in their locations laryngotracheal, pulmonary, bone, joint and lymph node, especially in the cervical and abdominal glanglios. This notion has already been interview by Hahnemann in the pathogenesis of Drosera, but it was Curie, late last century, who became tuberculosis to experimental animals (cats) by giving the tincture of Drosera. But its true clinical value in this affection we owe to Dr. Tyler Kent, who also stressed the importance of this drug in cases of any disease which appears in patients with a personal family history of tuberculosis, asthma, rheumatism, intestinal processes , goiter, Basedow, and so on. In cases of scars tuberculous lymphadenopathy or processes that have been open, ooze, sometimes reaches them desaparcer. Some authors have prescribed as prophylaxis in patients with pallor, weakness, rapid weight loss, dry cough, loss of appetite, with hollow cheeks and eyes. In becegeitis.

7 - () Worst: Towards the morning, at dusk, after midnight, when lying, sitting, at rest, heat, heat of bed, to drink, for hot beverages, to sing, for laughing, for mourn; stooping for acids and sour smell, with aversion. Best outdoors, in cold air, by motion, for standing up in bed by keeping quiet, walking, holding hands with painful parts.

8 - () at prevalent diseases during an epidemic of pertussis (Allen).

9 - () cramping and constraining (in stomach, hypochondria, throat, larynx, thorax). Pressive stabbing pains, worse from the inside out. Biting, pinching, joints and long bones, worse at rest. General Aching with the feeling that the bed is hard.

10 - () red blood bleeding TOPIC nose, mouth (saliva), vomit, feces, sputum.
Seizures 11, with stiffness, jerking of the limbs, drowsiness, and hemoptysis after the attack.

Desire and aversion of Drosera
12 - () Aversion to pork; to acids.

13 - () cephalic stunning and heaviness. Vertigo walking outdoors, with tendency to fall to the left. Lancinations front, worse on eye movement and bending, better head on his hands. Pressing pain from inside out on the forehead and cheek bones, in temples, worse by stooping and by heat, better to move and cold air. Excoriating pain, burning in the scalp itching corrosive, better rub.

14 - () Pain in the eyes, worse on stooping; stitches from the inside out. Go as a gauze before the eyes, sees the letters paler and fuzzy to read, or meet. Miosis Mydriasis followed. Photophobia. Protruding eyes.

15 - () hearing loss with ringing in the ears (ringing, blowing, roaring, etc.).. Stitches in the ears. Earache worse when swallowing.

16 - () Epistaxis during cough and the coaueluche, worse morning and evening, on blowing, to stoop. Black pores on nose. Sneezing with runny nose, sneezing painful. Nose dry and obstructed.

17 - () pale face, livid, bloated, with sunken cheeks and eyes. Pustulitas that prick when touched. Burning under the eyes. Heat in the face with cold hands. Blue or red face during coughing, especially in whooping cough. Hot on the left side of the face, and warmth in the right half. Outward pressure on the cheek bones, worse by the pressure and contact. Lips dry and cracked in the bottom half. Stitches on the left side of the jaw. Black pores on the chin.

18 Sensation of cold in a tooth. Throbbing toothache morning, warm drinks. Ulcers on the tongue (the tip) and soft palate. Swelling round, small, painless, in the middle of the tongue. The mouth bleeds, bloody or watery saliva, sialorrhea during fever. Taste: putrid, pus, bitter (bread tastes bitter), the food has no taste. Bad breath when coughing.

Difficulty swallowing solids 19, the esophagus appears contracted. Great dryness and roughness in the throat, a cough that produces short, hard, tearing, with yellowish expectoration and hoarseness. Stitches when swallowing, burning quickly eating; scraping in the throat by eating salty foods. Hawks and yellow or green mucus out. Sensation of having bread crumbs.

20 - () Thirst morning but during fever. Thirst after chill. Frequent hiccups. Regurgitation bitter or watery. Nausea from eating fat. Bilious vomiting of morning, blood, and at night or after dinner. Retching and vomiting, food and mucus during coughing. Tension and contraction in the epigastrium painful constriction.

21 - () Pain in hypochondria and in the belly (Bry) by coughing and touching, or that prevent you from coughing, unless you press there with his hands, when coughing, hypochondria needs to be squeezed by hand. Constriction in the stomach with vomiting.

Pressing pain out 22 in the rectum. Diarrhea worse after midnight, offensive stools, mucus and blood, cutting, followed by pain in the abdomen and sacrum. Soft stools, white, mucous offensive.

23 Frequent desire to urinate, but little or urine drops. Fetida dark urine, or watery.

24 points and itching of the glans. Stitches from the left lumbar region to the penis.

Tardias first 25 periods. Menstrual suppression. Flow like labor pains.

26 - () Voice: hoarse, deep, hollow, rough, toneless, cracked, should strive to speak. Catarrhal hoarseness or post-measles, can only whisper. Repeated colds chronic hoarseness. Constant tickling in larynx, worse in a warm room, which causes coughing and prevents you from sleeping at night. Feeling of a soft substance or a pen or dust in the larynx, which causes coughing. Acute laryngitis, laryngeal and tracheal irritation worse when speaking. Laryngeal disorders in professional voice users, preachers, speakers, speakers, singers, actors, sensation of throat or larynx dry, rough, and hoarse voice and without shade, striving to speak. Tuberculosis, laryngeal and tracheal, especially following a whooping cough, with hoarseness and rapid weight loss. Laryngeal constriction and tingling, with hoarseness and yellow or green sputum. Hoarseness and fits of suffocation in speaking and coughing, with constriction, better walking. Epiglottis in constant motion, constant cough outbreak, with very dry larynx and tendency to vomiting, the patient inadvertently grasps the larynx during swallowing or coughing, the pain you feel.

27 - () is, perhaps, the principal remedy for whooping cough. Already noted by Hahnemann in his Materia Medica Pura: "A single dose of the 30th hundredth power (of Drosera) is sufficient to completely cure the whooping cough epidemic. The cure is between 7 to 8 days. Never give a second dose after the first, since this can not only prevent the good effect of the above, but even be detrimental. " "It's the most safe and effective method" (Tyler Kent), she gave a single dose of the 30th or the 200th, if there was some coughing, repeated after 15 days. The whooping cough of Drosera is a dry cough, desgarrarte, deep, barking, hoarse, spasmodic, tormenting, which occurs in violent paroxysms or fits of fifths that occur so quickly that you hardly get time to regain his breath ( Hydrocianic Acid.) and are of such intensity that is required to hold the belly or the chest with his hands, accompanied by nausea, retching, vomiting food or slightly striated mucosal blood blue or red face and, often, epistaxis, protruding eyes, pouring sweats and anxiety. The child is very restless between the accesses. The cough is worse after midnight, at 2 hours, warmth, lying, talking, drinking, and singing, laughing and mourn. Constant coughing, blinking, spasmodic, or whooping cough, in children, which begins just head touches the pillow. Nocturnal cough in young tuberculous deep, with purulent sputum or hemoptysis often suppress coughing. Asthmatic cough. Cough with seizures. Dry cough at night, after measles. Cough: dry throat, as from dust from drinking or eating, for excitement, for foreign body sensation in the larynx, for tickling or laryngeal or tracheal irritation, for reading aloud by cigarette smoke, lying evening and night, during fever, during or after measles; talking; suffocating, exhausting; simpatica; nervous. Asma speaking, worse sitting, better walking, with contraction of the throat with every word she takes. Severe bronchitis. Efforts to cough, a cough, ending in gagging and vomiting. Expectoration: alternately hard and soft, mucosal, yellowish, grayish, greenish, purulent, salty or bitter, the swallows, hemoptysis, bright red blood with clots or blackish. Pulmonary tuberculosis. Chest tightness, as if something stopped breathing when coughing or talking, or like he could not expel the air. Constriction or spasm in the chest when coughing. Stitches or severe pain when coughing or sneezing or breathing deeply, tightens the chest with your cough, better by pressure and movement. Ulcerative pain in the sternum with pressure. Bronchitis or emphysema in elderly patients with bronchiectasis, nocturnal cough worse lying down, cough that seems to come from the belly and shakes it all, with yellow or purulent expectoration, and great exhaustion after the access. Black pores in the chest and shoulders.

28 - () Nape painful and stiff when touched or moved. Pain in the back to the early morning. Pain between the shoulder blades going down. Smarting itching on the tailbone, sitting, during menstruation.

29 - () Shocks in the right shoulder at rest. Pain as if beaten in the joints of arms and hands. Nocturnal pains in the flue, better by motion. Muscle cramps and stiffness in the fingers to grasp an object. Cold hands. Red spots on the backs of hands. Crippling pain in the right hip joint, thigh and ankle, and dislocated limp when walking. Violent stitch in the ischium, when seated. Pressing pain in the hamstrings, worse from pressure and bending, can not lie on that side at night, Best Setter; sciatica worse pressure. Stitches in the left thigh and right calf, worse sitting, better walking. Stiff ankles. Shooting pains and gnawing on the bones of the limbs and joints, worse at rest. Pressive stitches in the muscles. Cold feet long, with cold sweats.

30 - () yawns and stretches often. Starts asleep. Snore when sleeping on your back. Insomnia or interrupted sleep too. Suda barely awake.

31 - () Chills with shivering and chattering teeth, no thirst, can not get warm, cold extremities and face, some blue, rises from the cold fingers and toes to the nape and crown; worse at rest and at night bed, better in motion by day with fever chills night. The left side of the body is cold. Heat in the face and head or upper body. Cold sweat on the forehead, face, abdomen and feet. Hot sweats at night, after midnight and morning, but in the face and stomach. Fever with headache and whooping cough. Fever cases during an epidemic of whooping cough. Fever with sore throat and nausea.

Poros 32 Negroes in the chest, shoulders, chin. Measles very hoarse cough (see 27). Morbilliform eruption. Violent itching undressing; to scratching, peeling skin. Bleeding ulcers, burning, fetid and bloody pus cutting pains.

Nux Vomica Sulfur.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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