D.T. and T.A. B. Homeopathy

D.T. and T.A.B.
(Triple Vaccine: Diphtheria, tetanus and Antitifoparatifica)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis D.T. And T.A.B.
1 - () State hebephrenic, catatonia. Mental confusion with amnesia.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis D.T. And T.A.B.
2 - () Disorders that appear from a DPT vaccine.
3 - () Hypotension with abrupt fainting, cyanosis, dyspnoea.
4 - () emergence of a latent affection or aggravation of an existing medical condition (infectious meningitis, Granuli zone, neurosyphilis).
5 seizures. Tetanic spasms. Choreiform movements. Epilepsy.
6 paralysis or paresis. Monoplegia. Hemiparesis. A predominantly right hemiplegia.
Polinucleosis Hyperleukocytosis and 7, followed by leukopenia and investment of the leukocyte formula.
8 - () Optic neuritis. Oculomotor paresis. Glaucoma. Exophthalmos.
9 - () Nausea, vomiting, stomach pains. Diarrhea, melena. Pain in the appendicular region. Liver congestion. Jaundice.
10 - () Acute nephritis with local pain, fever, oliguria, albuminuria,
hematuria. Hypertensive and uremic chronic nephritis. Chronic Albuminuria.
Joint pain 11.
12 Fever with headaches, back pain and generalized pain.
13 Erythema multiforme, nodosum. Erythroderma. Rashes. Purpura. Urticaria.
Facial herpes.