Duboisia or Duboisinum. Homeopathy

Duboisia or DUBOISINUM
(Cork - Duboisia myoporoides)
1 - () Can not concentrate on any subject, is absent, the thoughts go from one topic to another, are fools, senseless. He forgets what he would do or say. You can not express. Stupor, although, if asked, answers, but don difficulty.
2 pinches the surrounding objects; Carphology. Looks suspicious under the covers, if left alone, mess around, looking amused.
When you pass that state, he remembers nothing.
3 Delirium busy: it grabs the neck of his clothes, staring at the head opposite the bed and tries to reach there to imaginary people or objects. Visual hallucinations (see 8).
4 - () Dryness of mucous membranes.
5 Sensation of enlargement: in the eyes and tongue.
Tremor 6 widespread. Weakness, with aversion to move.
7 - () Vertigo pale-faced, by standing or walking, with great tendency to fall backward, especially when climbing stairs. It can stand with eyes closed. Head feels light or heavy. It seems that when you walk, takes the lead in the void, afraid to fall. Frontal headache and eyes.
8 - () The field of action more important are the eyes. Eyes feel cold, tired. Great mydriasis. A key symptom is: see a red spot floating in the visual field, moving with the eye. Hyperemia of the optic nerve, optic disc very red, with small and large visible vessels greatly enlarged and tortuous vessels, arteries contracted; diffuse optic disc edge. Paralysis of accommodation. Acute and chronic conjunctivitis. Pain over the eyes, between these and the eyebrows, eyes feel great and outgoing. Visual hallucinations and delusions: he sees more things that are above what he sees faces in all directions, with hollow cheeks; see large holes dug in the walls, suddenly sitting on the floor thinking that there is a chair to-let drop a glass in the air instead of putting it on the table and wants to take your watch to go over his head, believes that this dark on a bright afternoon, sees what he writes in various colors: blue, orange or reddish-brown. Myoclonus in the orbicularis. Keep your eyes closed.
9 Suddenly, you hear ringing in the ears, especially in law.
10 Nose very dry and clogged.
11 Very red face. Very dry lips. Tongue swollen, enlarged, makes it difficult to speak. Great dry mouth, she can hardly speak. Throat very dry and red,
follicles prominent. Congestion of the epiglottis. Yellowish-white mucus adherent. Great difficulty swallowing, especially in a vacuum. Constant desire to clear his throat.
12 Failure of appetite, nausea. Mortal faintness in the stomach, not relieved by eating or drinking.
13 Constant desire to urinate, with great difficulty. Mild urethral burning during urination.
14 Sensation of dryness in the larynx, hoarseness. Dry, hard cough, tickling in the bifurcation of the trachea, with pain in the lungs,
but in the left lower lobe and upper right.
15 pulses fast, irregular and intermittent, is slower to rise and faster at bedtime. Oppression, can hardly breathe, feeling of agony and death imminent.
16 Involuntary jerking of the arms outward. Thoracic and lumbar muscles contract rhythmically. Lack of Inferior forces in members, a staggering gait. Difficulty walking down stairs, each step feels it in his back. Pressive lumbar pain on waking, better to move. Members go to sleep in different places.
Sleepy 17. Drowsy, wanders.
18 Chills, need more clothes. Bathed in sweat.