Dulcamara. Homeopathy

(Solanum Dulcamara)
1 - () Grand impatience and restlessness. Always in a hurry. Calls forward to different things, but rejected when it is offered. Capricious.
2 - () Fighter, irritable, easily angered. He tends to growl without being angry. Combative.
3 - () Depressed and worried about the future.
4 - () Confusion of mind, can not concentrate. Not find the appropriate word. He forgets what to say.
5 - () Delirium night with pain or during fever.
6 - () The large key feature is the emergence or aggravation of their symptoms by cold and wet weather, especially in autumn when the days are hot and some cold nights. This is for causation or aggravation Aconitum Dulcamara to what is the cold dry (Nash). This aggravation or onset of symptoms is observed by heavy cold, rainy weather, sudden weather changes from hot to cold, cold air, by sitting or lying on cold, wet floors or wet, wet feet, for bathing.
Quenching disorders of the body being sweaty, with suppression of sweating. In patients who work or live in basements or rooms cold and damp and in a dairy. Tendency to take cold.
7 - () Disorders suppression of sweat, rashes and menstruation, usually in damp cold.
8 - () Worst: sitting, by entering a cold place, at rest, in the evening and night, from open air in the waning moon, lying on his back, bending;
cold drinks, for ice cream. Better: heat; by dry weather, motion; by moving the affected part, walking, rising from a chair, lying on its side, upright.
9 - () Excessive secretion of mucous membranes are affected, dryness of skin;
catarrh mucous from exposure to cold damp. Dryness of mucous membranes.
10 - () Lymph hypertrophied, indurated, swollen, lymphadenopathy (especially cervical, inguinal and axillary) by repeated exposures to cold and damp, sometimes flare in one night. Induration of cellular tissue.
c 11 Dropsy: by suppression of sweats or rashes from exposure to cold or damp cold. Anasarca after scarlet fever, rheumatic fever or malaria.
Rapid swelling of the whole body.
12 - () Paralysis of various body parts and internal organs, suppressed eruptions or cold, on the tongue and limbs (that are cool), bladder, vocal cords, etc.. Paralysis with cold in the paralyzed parts. Paralysis by lying down on damp ground.
13 - () Laterality left.
14 Seizures that begin in the face. Spasms on one side, with anarthria. Earthquakes. Prostration, lassitude.
15 - () Exostoses.
16 Bleeding or watery blood bright red.
17 Big thinning.
18 - () Vertigo on waking in the morning, dimming of vision.
Heaviness headache with lightheadedness. Catarrhal headaches, worse in cold, wet weather. Burning headache, terebrante, forehead worse by movement or talking; tenebrande inside out at the temples, worse before midnight, and when quiet, in occipital, rising to the neck. Congestion Headaches with ringing and hearing loss from wet feet. Headache with sneezing and nasal obstruction, the better to receive the coryza. Stiff neck with beaten sensation. Sensation of pressing against the front table.
Sensation of head or brain or enlarged occiput. Sensation of cold in the head, his hair erect. Thick crusts, brown, with red edges on the forehead, scalp, forehead and chin, bleed when scratched; in scalp hair are falling. Crust lactea. Dandruff. Tina. Herpes Circinate. Eczema.
19 - () Pain in eyes when reading. Go as through gauze. Sensation as if from fire of the eyes, walking in the sun or in your room.
Mydriasis. Conjunctivitis and chemosis of the infant. Iritis by humidity, worse at night and cold air, moving better and warmth. Blepharitis from cold damp. Eruptions Castro in the edge of the eyelids, with cervical lymphadenopathy. Paralysis of the upper eyelid. Twitching eyelids cold air, pruritus.
20 - () Earache with nausea and tinnitus, and still worse at night or in cold air, preventing all-night sleep to suddenly disappear tomorrow.
Buzzing and blowing with hearing loss. Stitches. Catarrhal otitis media.
21 - () Epistaxis hot blood and clear, with pressive pain in the nose from getting wet. Dry coryza, with obstruction, worse from cold air and at rest. Coryza in children. Nasal Obstruction cold rain or wet weather.
Nasal secretion suppressed by the slightest contact with cold air, with obstruction. Hay coryza, with obstruction or dyspnea, constant sneezing, profuse watery discharge from nose and eyes, in autumn and spring, the worse the air GDPR and wake in the morning and evening, preferably in a locked room or hot and along the Tues
22 - () pale, milky, with red cheeks or all red, puffy, oedematous. Left facial neuralgia, extended to the temple, orbit and jaws, in paroxysms preceded by local cold and ravenously hungry, caused or aggravated by the slightest exposure to cold damp, better external heat.
Cracking in the temporomandibular joint, opening the mouth. Humid eruptions on the cheeks. Brown yellow thick crusts on the face and chin, with reddish edges; bleed from scratching. Impetigo. Warts on the face. Granites and perioral ulceritas; herpes. Eczema. Parotid swelling; also after measles, glands swollen. Jerking on the lips from cold air. The mouth is twisted to one side.
23 - () Toothache with drooling, from cold or damp. Gums spongy and retracted. Bitter taste. Itching on the tip of the tongue. Dry mouth, tongue dry and rough, thirsty and drooling. Speaks haltingly, inarticulate but steadily, for swollen tongue. Stuttering. Paralyzed by cold wet tongue. Taste soapy, sour, putrid. Saliva soapy. Buccal mucosa very swollen and red, painful abrasions and pain when speaking, chewing or swallowing, tongue toothed, with drooling and very fetid breath. Mouth sores.
24 - () Angina catarrhal by taking cold or wet weather, with swollen tonsils, red throat and swallowing difficult. Sensation of elongated uvula.
Constant throat clearing mucus with a feeling of having my throat raw, by taking cold. Burning heat on the palate. Torticollis.
25 - () Burning thirst for cold drinks. Hunger without appetite after the fever, with disgust for food. Distention in the epigastrium after eating moderately, with an unpleasant feeling of emptiness in the stomach. Nausea with vomiting mucus, worse in morning or stool, with chills, vomiting, yellowish green or cold drinks, with chills. Gastric contractions or cramps. Belching eating. Shrinkage or burning sensation in the epigastrium.
26 - () Colicos by cold and wet weather, as if you develop diarrhea, with rumbling in the abdomen and sacral pain. Cutting and pinching pains in the umbilical region, worse at night. Sensation as if a worm creeping up and down in the womb. Inguinal lymphadenopathy with pain and induration. Ascites.
27 - () autumnal diarrhea, acute or chronic, for taking hlimedo cold or cold or in cold weather, changes from hot to cold or after standing in a field or damp ground, or when the days are warm and nights cold, in children, during dentition, after eating, especially food cold, in the refrigerator or people who work with ice, by sudden withdrawal of an eruption, always preceded by periumbilical pain and bowel sounds disappear after stool. Stools watery yellowish liquid, bloody, changing, mucous greenish or yellowish alternately smell sour or acid, corrosive, brown, white. Watery diarrhea at night with cramps, in summer, cold days. Involuntary stools. Bloody diarrhea, acute or chronic anal itching and rectal prolapse. Diarrhea aeguida great prostration or fainting. Diarrhea alternating with eruptions and rheumatism.
28 - () Constant desire to urinate, with an unpleasant painful sensation of drawing down, bladder and urethra, urination by drops, by getting their feet wet with cold water. Retention of urine by taking cold or cold drinks.
Involuntary urination by paralysis of the bladder. Urinary incontinence in rainy weather or cold. Burning in the meatus during urination. Catarrh of bladder from taking cold in damp weather. Urethral stricture. Urine scanty, foul smelling, cloudy, excoriating, oily, with film, with red or white mucus, jelly, mixed with blood, milky, mucopurulent; reddish.
Impotence 29. Eruption on the genitals. Herpes on the glans: brown, dry;
bleeding, painful.
30 - () Menses late, and very abundant short or watery blood; Suppressed by cold or damp. Heat and itching in the genitals, with increased desire;
by changing from hot to cold. Dysmenorrhea by cold. Premenstrual eruption or rash
with intense sexual desire before and during menstruation. Herpes vulvar each change of time from exposure to cold or wet. Breasts swollen, hard, sore, with flow or amenorrhea. Suppression of cold milk. Eruptions on the breasts of nursing women. Imminent abortion from cold damp.
Lochia suppressed by cold or damp.
31 - () Tingling laryngeal cough. Tracheitis with little cough and expectoration thick greenish. Influenza. Bronchitis in children, the air cold and damp, fetid with night sweats. Asthma worse in cold, damp weather, with dyspnoea, cough and noise, and copious expectoration. Cough and cold wet weather or getting wet or weather changes; must cough to expectorate a lot, especially in children and the elderly. Dry cough, rough, hoarse, or loose, with copious mucous expectoration. Cough, barking or panting as whooping cough, worse with each breath deeply. Chronic Cough after measles. Pertussis with spasmodic cough with excessive mucus secretion Tracheobronchial, who coughed up easily, streaked with blood. Cough with hoarseness and stitches, worse lying down, heat the room and breathing deeply or efforts; better outdoors. Green expectoration. Pulmonary tuberculosis. Respiratory catarrhal. Pleurisy, rheumatic or not. Pneumonia. Hydrothorax.
Hemoptysis of bright red from cold or very prolonged cough, worse at rest.
Stitch deaf under the right clavicle, inside out, or cutting pain,
better by pressure. Pain in the left side of chest as if the lungs are moving in undulating form. Pain in the third rib on the right or left. Lancinating pain from the sternum to the spine, worse sitting, better when you wake up.
32 Palpitations intense and visible at night. Pulse hard, full, often at night, slow day, but slower than the heartbeat.
33 - () stiff neck at night, back pain after taking cold or wash, or at change of weather to cold. Lumbago by cooling. Pain in the neck as if the head had supported in a bad position. Painful cervical lymphadenopathy, pain when turning head. Myelitis. Meningitis cspinal not develop the rash in scarlet fever or measles.
Pain in the lower cervical vertebrae and upper thoracic. Drawing pains or sharp lumbosacral, better by pressure, worse at rest,
extended to the thighs. Pain in the sacrococcygeal region as if it had long been bent over, limping, from cold. Pressive rheumatic pains and pains in the arms and back, by taking cold while sweating, worse at night and at rest, better by motion. Feel the cold sacrum.
34 - () paralysis of the arms or lower limbs, cold as ice (plus feet), worse at rest. Herpes on hands and arms. Flat warts on the hands, palms, back and fingers. Sweaty palms. Exostoses in the forearm.
Tearing drawing in the thighs or, worse sitting, better walking. Herpes in the knees. Exotosis at the Superoro of the right tibia, with bluish-red spots. Intolerable pains in the warm, worse in damp weather and at night in bed, forcing him to get up and walk, better by motion. Swelling of legs. Gout in toes, first left, then right. Burning and tingling in the feet, erysipelas. Rheumatism after acute eruptions or humidity or wet, or when chronic forms alternate with bouts of diarrhea, pain as if beaten, worse still, moving better. Acute joint pain that appears suddenly change due to weather or cold or suppression of sweating. Sudden swelling of the body and limbs, they sleep. White spots with red halo.
35 - () Starts on sleep. He sleeps with his mouth open, snoring. Restless sleep, takes many turns, the worse after 3 or 4 hours. Insomnia can not sleep because they can not stay much in the same position. Confused dreams, night stands and walks to and fro, feeling of faintness; you think it is going to sink through the bed. Upon awakening, the sick, go dark, with weakness and trembling, waking too early.
36 - () Chills starting in the back and extending from there, worse in the evening, and not relieved by the heat of the stove, cold all over, with shivering. Chills with the pain. Chills alternating with fever. Widespread burning heat and dry heat and burning in the back. Malaria, tertian fever. Fever with delirium and thirst for cold drinks. Scarlet fever. Typhoid. Fevers caused by exposure to cold damp rooms to live in wet, for sleeping in a wet bed, in cold weather, rain, variable. Worse in the evening fever. Sweats foul, offensive, night and day throughout the body especially the back, underarms and palms. Sweats deleted (and their consequences) and totally absent, usually cold.
37 - () abscesses. Small boils in traumatically injured sites.
Skin hot and dry, delicate and sensitive to cold. Sensation as if needles across the skin. Eruptions from cold damp. Urticaria worse from taking cold or appearing at scratch, with much itching, burning, scratching, worse heat, better from cold local PMS. Suppressed eruptions or eruptive cnfermedades receding, by exposure to cold air humid.
Asthma and facial neuralgia by the suppression of a facial eruption. Sarna suppressed. Vesicles as peas, containing a yellowish transparent liquid, with red base throughout the body, in the winter, worse from washing with cold water. Pemphigus. Eruptions oozing watery fluid, yellowish bleed from scratching. Pruritic pustules. Eczema; Impetiginized eczema in children. Thick crusts throughout the body, yellow-brown with red edges and bleed from scratching. Scaly herpes; suppuration; wet. Herpes zoster.
Eruptions worse by washing with cold water. Ancient Lichen, stubborn knees. Calloused skin. Warts, flat, large, smooth, fleshy pedunctuadas, hard, cornea; girls, especially in the face and back of hands and fingers. Painless ulcers, hard, phagadenic, bleed on scratching, worse at night, humidity or cold or when the weather changes.
Red spots like mosquito bites. Itching worse in cold, wet weather, as if you ran insects. Premenstrual rash, worse in the face and genitals.
Baryta Carbonca. Sulfuric Kali. Nat Sulpuricum

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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