Dulcamara. Homeopathy. (Abridged)

Dulcamara (Solanum dulcamara)

Symptoms or pathogenesis of Dulcamara
1.-Clinical manifestations following exposure to cold damp in all its forms: sudden change to cold dry wet heat, in autumn, in time wet and rainy during the stay in a cool and wet, for the fog; sudden cooling when the body has sweated.

2 .- Manifestations painful muscle and tendon (torticollis, back pain, acute kidney pain).

3 .- INDICATED catarrhal respiratory tract caused by a cold wet, nasal obstruction and mucus inthe printing hypopharynx causing hawking.

4 .- intestinal colic with diarrhea after a chill. Perlumbilical pain.

5 .- Warts, flat, flat in the face and back of hands.

Dulcamara: It is worse: with the damp cold, after the disappearance of a rash.

Dulcamara: Amelioration: With the weather hot and dry, with movement.

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