Dysenterize compound. Homeopathy

(Bach Nosode prepared with cultures of Bacillus dysenteriae)
1 - () have claustrophobia: on the train, tram, subway, bus, in church, in the cinema or theater in the elevator.
2 - () Tense, nervous, mainly because advance; mental distress
anticipating events or contingencies that must face, exams,
evidence, important meetings or appointments, business.
3 - () Shy. She blushes easily if you praise him or talked to. It is hypersensitive to criticism. He is afraid of meeting strangers, new people,
new doctors, etc.. The tension is evident in his expression alert and even in small jerks of the face or limbs. Lack of confidence in itself.
Fear of leaving home, feels uncomfortable among strangers. Silent.
4 - () Anxious, apprehensive, fearful. Unable to compete or rival. Fear of being alone, even if you wish. Cries easily, when they look, and do not know that, before menstruation; it better.
5 trembles and stutters by excitations. Korea. Aversion to be spoken to.
riens in death, suicide, by jumping from a height.
6 - () Extreme exhaustion, especially in lean, white or pink skin. Fainting.
Worse from heat 7. Best outdoors.
8 - () like: sweet, salt, fats, milk, cheese, cold drinks.
9 - () Vertigo during menstruation. Headache has been obscured or cloudy,
with diarrhea. Or frontal headache over eyes and on vertex, persistent;
periodically (every 7 to 14 days), produced by excitement, sometimes with vomiting that would improve it, better closing their eyes or fresh air. It hurts the scalp when combing, dry spots, scaly, painful.
10 Blepharitis, styes. Conjunctivitis, photophobia. Tremors of the eyelids. He sees bodies floating or blurry spots. Go yellow objects.
11 Otorreas. Sudden swelling of the ears, red-blue,
followed by desquamation.
12 - () Hay fever. Coryzas frequent rhinorrhea. Pain at the root of the nose. Epistaxis.
13 supra and infraorbital neuralgia. Small shocks in the facial muscles. Lips dry and cracked. Rheumatism in the jaw. Acne on the cheeks.
14 Bitter taste. Tongue burns, it feels raw. Bleeding gums.
Tonsillitis to 15 repetitions. Pharyngitis. Throat dry. Thyroid hypertrophy. Hyperthyroidism.
16 - () This drug has a special affinity for the duodenum. Hence the indication, especially when the mental and general symptoms match, in spasms pylorus with retention of food, in the narrow Congenital pyloric and duodenal ulcer, with pains that improve eating or emerge from 0 to 1 hour or 2 to 3, very sharp and relieved by vomiting copious mucus. Ulcers stress. Indigestion for years, with distention and discomfort. Belching, heartburn. Gastric ptosis, distended stomach, noises.
17 bloating, flatus. Pain and tenderness in the gallbladder.
18 - () Colitis. Diarrhea, moves 5 to 6 times per day the belly, for excitement or concern. Throbbing in the rectum, with feeling of having a cork. Mucous stools.
19 Urging to urinate while on the train or tram. Right renal colic.
Dysmenorrhea 20. Irregular menses. Throbbing in pelvis and perineum.
Childhood masturbation.
21 - () chest pains strain. Pleurodynia. Sensation of tightness * n the lower ribs. Bronchial catarrh. Shortness of breath. Whooping cough. Hemoptysis. Tachycardia, palpitations and extrasystoles with chest discomfort, worse before events. Dyspnea when climbing stairs or falling asleep. Chronic bronchitis. Anginal pain.
22 Fibrositis neck and shoulders. Rheumatism in the neck and shoulders. Backaches. Spondylitis.
23 - () Pain in the ankle arthritis. Foot with osteoarthritis and periostitis.
Osteoporosis. Pains in the knees. Right sciatica, better by warmth and laid back. White Finger.
24 It wakes at 2 or 3 hours, epigastric pain and discomfort.
Insomnia. Restless sleep. Sleepiness after eating.
25 Herpes: the face, neck and thorax. Blisters between toes. Rash scaly folds. Hand dermatitis. Palms dry, cracked and painful. Flat warts on the hands. Psoriasis. Urticaria. Hot flushes after eating.
Arsenicum Alb. - Argentum Nitric.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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