Eat in moderation

Let us explain the 6th law of healing foods Bernard Jensen.
The sixth law reads:

6. Eat in moderation.
Reason: people who have reached age 120 years and weigh the same as when they were twenty years.

When we examine more closely the wording of this law, more of a law on the prevention of the disease that a law of healing. The reason Bernard Jensen states to follow is that not eating in moderation poses a health risk because the excess weight caused by overfeeding is the origin of various diseases, particularly metabolic diseases. Because it is difficult to reach an advanced age because, as Dr. Jensen reminds us "the bigger the waist, the shorter the life."

So, leave the extra food on the plate. Not finished eating with that sense of wholeness that invites you to sleep quickly because their blood has to do "overtime" to go to your stomach to digest, and it has no energy for other activities.

It is better to stay with a slight sensation of "would have continued eating" to "why have I eaten so much." In other words, self-control.

In our article on obesity underscore the veracity of this law and the dangers to health overweight, but let's turn and consider the law from the standpoint of healing rather than from prevention.

When a person goes through any illness, whether acute or chronic, moderation in food is essential.
Eating in moderation with an acute illness

Faced with an acute illness: fever, flu, inflammation, ie itis ", the agency usually asks us to rest on the amount of food that we eat. Remember having heard: "I have no desire to eat, I lost appetite? Yes, generally, the body needs a break, or rather, to gather all possible energy to focus on eliminating the problem that lurks at the time our body.

So in these cases it is better to be guided by instinct and give our body a rest. The wise thing would be to eat in moderation, ie, based on raw foods and juices of vegetables or fruit for our bodies to do the job of cleaning and purification is required. Do not forget that nature teaches us what to do. Any wild animal is sick to fast and purgative herbs are taken to eliminate the health problem that afflicts him.
Eating in moderation with a chronic

Faced with a chronic eating in moderation is not a choice but an obligation. Even if the base of our food is organically grown must be moderate.

In our article on the vital energy is reminded that all natural healing of the human capacity to restore its own vital energy, so that it can do the job of healing. Remember, if you injure the body the vital energy that will cure and heal, if you break a bone, the doctor may place on your site, but it's own vital energy to weld the break. So it is vital energy that has to make the healing process, nobody else. You simply work with nature.

In the same article shows us how to restore vital energy: "The vital energy can be restored by means of congestion inside the belly of the inner foot. This is accomplished by directing the treatment as follows: 1) choosing the most suitable application that produces Hydrotherapy foot healing as appropriate and 2) cooling the digestive system with adequate diet based primarily on fresh fruits, salads and vegetables tender, always all in compatibilized oil well. "So, faced with a chronic illness regularly eaten in moderation is another link in the chain that may lead us to natural healing.
Eat in moderation and fasting

Yes, moderation is a great help. However, in other cases the restraint can reach the fast. Doing a fast based on fruit juices and vegetables once a week, morning or be based on fruit juices and vegetables is ideal to restore the body's ability to use its resources. An example.

Taking into account the season in which we can use fruits or vegetables available at that time so that during the morning, or two or three mornings a week depending on the capacity and the work that made each person, we are only taking this kind of food. If we are in October, we can convert one or two kilos of grapes into a delicious juice in the morning until noon meal will be the basis of our food. In the summer we can do with the cantaloupe or watermelon. In March, strawberries, and so on. Always remember that the benefit will be deeper if organic foods. In this way we give a little rest to our digestive system but we are nourished by foods rich in vitamins and minerals essential to maintaining and restoring health.

Eating in moderation is essential to prevent and treat diseases. Never forget that the bigger the waist, the shorter the life.

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