Echinacea angustifolia. Homeopathy


(Echinacea angustifolia)


1 - (+) Stunning in the head, with irritability. Confusion can not study or think or wish. Drowsy, can not read, yawn. Slow: to talk, answer, etc.

2 It is irritating if correct and does not tolerate being contradicted.

3 Mental Depression in the afternoon.

4 Fear with chest pain and tachycardia.


5 - (+++) Its main indication, as well as certain infectious diseases and febrile (see 27), is in sepsis, and toxemia septicopiohemías with adynamic states (see 6). Snake bites, bites, insect bites, and their effects. Lymphangitis with lymphadenopathy. Recurrent abscesses or boils (10 drops of tincture, 4 times per day) ("If there is no cure") (Ramey). Abscesses that appear to be mature and stop, without forming pus. Suppurative process in general, surface or internal organs. Anthrax bluish-red and intense pain. Gangrene. Torn wounds (tincture can be used in local dressings, 25 drops in a glass of boiled water). Tendency to malignancy in acute and subacute.

6 - (+ +) depletion, is exhausted, in pain. Weakness, feeling like I had been ill for a long time, worse in the afternoon.

7 - (+) Worse after eating the evening, for physical and mental efforts, by exposure to cold air. Better: lying down and resting, leaning forward.

8 acute neuralgic pains, erratic, deaf and deep. In the last stages of cancer, to relieve pain (Euphorbium).

9 Downloads and fetid secretions.

Anemia 10.


11 - (+) Vertigo on moving the head. Dull headache, worse at night, with sensation of fullness or too big brain, worse with each heartbeat. Frontal headache over eyes, worse on the left, better outdoors. Vertex headache, better by rest. Headache in temples, throbbing, better by pressure and the rest, occipital. Feel the big head. Sharp pain deep in the brain. Headache with periodic waves of heat to the head, face and neck, dizziness and prostration. Wen.

12 The eyes hurt when reading or watching a nearby object, with tears, the better to close them. Feel like drowsiness in the eyes, without sleep. Bright Eyes. Tearing in cold air.

13 Nasal obstruction not relieved by blowing. Nares painful. Mucous discharge from the right side of the nose, with soreness and raw, and epistaxis. Foul-smelling nasal discharge. Ozena. Post-nasal catarrh with ulceration and fetid. Salen false membranes of the nose. Sneezing with frontal headache.

14 facial pallor or vomiting with headache, or stuffy. Eruptions on the forehead and cheeks. Pain in the upper left trigeminal branch. Tingling or peck on the lips. Neuralgia in the upper and lower jaw. Comisums cracks on lips and lip.

15 - (+ +) Toothache the right side. Tomorrow's white tongue with red edges, or brown, with slight burning and tingling. Adherent mucus, white, frothy. Burning tongue with drooling. Dry mouth in the rear. Bleeding gums with fulginosidades. Thrush. Bad taste in the morning; metal; of pepper. Sore throat, worse on the left, with mucus and have her feeling raw. Tingling or pricking or tingling and burning in the throat. Ulcerative or gangrenous angina, tonsil livid, purple or black, covered with a grayish membrane false lying nasopharynx and larynx. Diphtheria with agonal expression, high fever and thready pulse.

16 - (+) Anorexia. Desire for cold water. Nausea that keep you from eating, better lying down. After eating, you feel full cructos gas, tasting the food, which did not improve. Belching abundant, tasteless, with simultaneous flatus. Sensation of something hard and big in the stomach. Sour belching, heartburn, feeling of relaxation. Gastralgias coming down to the intestines, followed by diarrhea.

17 - (+) right upper quadrant pain. Fullness in the abdomen, with rumbling. Umbilical pain, better bending. Sharp, cutting pain in the belly, which appear and disappear abruptly. Pain in the left lower quadrant. Appendicitis. Peritonitis.

18 Constrictive pain in stomach, followed by offensive flatus or loose stool yellow, with great exhaustion. Bleeding after defecation.

19 - (+) frequent urination, sometimes unintentionally. Heat when passing urine.

Pain and burning during urination. Polyuria. Pale urine, copious, small, dark and albumin.

20 Pain in the perineum, it feels tight. Sore testicles and withdrawn. Pain in right spermatic cord.

21 - (+ +) puerperal fever or septicemia, with suppression of discharge and painful bloating. Mucus in the evening, excoriating, offensive. Deep pain in right iliac fossa.

22 Larynx sore, hoarse voice, it consistently clear and expels mucus. Pain as a foreign body in the chest and behind the sternum. Pain in the chest muscles. Feeling of fullness in the upper chest. Pain in the diaphragm in the right lung. Acute pain retrosternal burning.

Mild pain or stitches 23 precordiaies. Precordial anxiety. Fast heartbeat.

24 - (+) Pain in the upper back, lumbar or sacral, worse stooping.

25 - (+ +) weakness in the limbs. Left shoulder pain, better sleep and heat in the law, which goes to the toes. Sharp pain in left arm reaching down to the fingers, lack of strength. Sharp pain in his left elbow. Cold hands. Pain in the wrists and fingers on his right thumb.

Pain in the right thigh, left popliteal, right leg, left hip, knees. Cold feet.

26 Somnolence. He wakes up often. Dreams of dead relatives or friends, sounds exciting.

27 - (+++) or waves of cold chills going up your back, with nausea. Typhoid. Scarlet fever. Puerperal fever. Sepsis. Septicemia. Malaria. Sweating in the upper body.

28 Intense itching and burning in the neck skin. Red bumps popping. Dry skin. Boils. Abscesses. Erysipelas. Old tibial ulcers. Anthrax. In all skin afecciories a general condition. Non-healing wounds.

(+++) Very effective. (+ +) Effective. (+) Useful

Source: Vijnovsky homeopathic Materia Medica "

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