Ecology: ecological pollution


The following describes the main elements and pollutants with which we face:

Carbon Monoxide
It interferes with the oxygenation of every cell in the body.
May cause: respiratory disorders, irritability, memory loss, anemia, heart disease, cancer.

Vitamin E Increases tissue oxygenation.
Vitamin B15: It increases the body's tolerance to oxygen deficiency.
Vitamin A increases the permeability of the capillaries.

Ozone and nitrogen dioxide
Photochemical pollutants by pollution and fog.
May cause: respiratory disorders, pulmonary emphysema.

Vitamin A: Protects the mucous membranes of the lungs.
Vitamin E: Prevents destroy vitamin A in the body.

It can cause: Lack of appetite, fatigue, nervousness, paralysis of limbs, disorders in reproduction, fertility, etc..

Calcium: Helps the body to excrete and eliminate it.
Vitamin D: by intravenous injection.
Vitamin C: Powerful eliminator of toxins.
Lecithin: Neutralizer poisons the body.
Green vegetables and beans (soy, pinto), Algin (taken from kelp).

Deadly cumulative poison.
It might cause damage to the brain and central nervous system.

Brewers Yeast: Contains selenium and mercury destroys.
Vitamins C, E, A and B (the latter if it is damaged nervous system).
Others: Calcium, hydrochloric acid, lecithin.

It accumulates in fatty tissues of the body.


Yogurt, lecithin and vitamin C to neutralize poisons.

It is in the air by the combustion of gasoline, in the waters by the galvanized pipe as the plastic. It is more dangerous than lead
It might cause high tension, heart disease, anemia, arteriosclerosis, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, cancer, etc.

Vitamin E, zinc rich foods. Avoid white flour and enamelled utensils.

Radioactivity, strontium 90, iodine-131 radioactive and X-Ray
Since the nuclear tests the planet has been contaminated with strontium 90 and iodine 131. The first looks at the bones for their affinity to calcium, the second is set in the thyroid gland with iodine affinity.

Strontium 90 is commonly absorbed by plants and animals, but even if there are enough calcium. This radioactive element found in the pure grass and therefore predominates in milk.
They can cause: Leukemia (due mostly milk consumption by children), bone cancer and many other types of cancer.

The algin found in the kelp has been shown to prevent all cases of cancer induced by strontium-90 selectively inhibiting the absorption of strontium through the gastrointestinal tract. Just as seaweed Kelp is a guard against the contamination by iodine 131. Iodine 131 is rapidly excreted from the body if they do not need iodine thyroid. Iodine is provided by the kelp.

You can include this antidote: Calcium and magnesium organisms capable of reducing by 50% the absorption of strontium, selenium along with vitamins E, A and C, yeast, lecithin, wheat grass juice and chlorophyll; sprouts , for its richness in vitamins B, E and C; clay pectin sprouted sunflower sprouts, onion, olive oil, yogurt and fermented milks and nicotinic acid, which protects and removes sunburn, as well as helps eliminate the radiation if taken continuously and gradually.

With relation to X-rays, used by physicians in hospitals, dentists, etc.., We can say that we should not expose ourselves to them but is absolutely necessary.
X-rays are cumulative, so that small doses as those produced by a television, a wristwatch or an alarm clock, can be harmful when added to the total amount received from other sources. Prolonged exposure can cause leukemia, cancer, birth defects, etc..

Antidote: avoid excessive TV, vitamin P decreased by 800% mortality rate caused by prolonged exposure to X-rays, pulp and rind of lemon-living chlorophyll, sprouts, vitamin C, pantothenic acid , brewer's yeast, vitamin F, the lecithin, the amino acid antioxidant pollen, as the poly vitamins by excellence, honey and red beet juice has been shown to stop the growth of malignant tumors.

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