Ecology: The laws of conservation of life

The trend of living matter to continue to exist is what is called "law of conservation of life". This law is manifest in three ways:
- Biological evolution
- The self-therapy
- The vital imperative

Biological evolution claims that life is prolonged in time rather than space. So the tendency of Nature is not to increase life but keep it.

The self-therapy is the tendency of all living beings to heal themselves. For example, the body strives to heal any wound or expel any foreign body. Just as fever, all acute diseases are but healing processes. The disease is only natural that makes an effort to rid the body of expelling foreign substances.

Besides these physiological aspects, the vital imperative, instincts, senses, consciousness, compassion, feelings, intellect, ideas, morality and spirituality, are intended to favor the law of conservation of life.

Health Laws
Life is regulated by natural laws, if there transgress health alterations.

It is mainly in the fields of food where such violations are more pronounced. Lack of exercise causes muscle often overfeeding. The disease usually appears by plethora, malnutrition, intoxication or deficiency. But almost always caused by food.

Other factors influencing health are: exercise, rest, air, sun, mental health ...

Another major natural law is dualism: the ebb and flow, summer and winter, day and night work and rest. Hence dividing the day into 8 hours of hard work, 8 hours recreation and 8 hours of sleep.

Action and reaction
Any external action involves a holistic response (reaction) An overworked, more rest, intense cold, shivering to produce heat; crisis diarrhea, constipation relative phase.

In diseases is the same. Any disease state always involves a twofold process. When something disrupts health by the body there will be a reaction with healing tendency. This will always depend on one's own life energy and achieve specified or not according to the body's defenses and its degree of vitality.

In infectious diseases involves two factors: land disturbing germs that feeds them. But with these the body reacts against the cause by means such as fever, creation of antibodies, etc.

The symptomatology of various disease states can take different manifestations of some patients to others. But most of the diseases listed are to talk about sick.

Consider that in therapeutics must take into account the body's reaction to treatment. Failure to do so may lead to treatment failure.

A stimulant not give energy, but that only excites their own individual energy, then there will be repaid with revenues.

So within the naturist system is present in each patient has their potential reactions, the amount of its defenses and possible ways of reaction, in each case adapting treatment to individual conditions.

So we put our bodies under conditions closest to the way of life according to Natural Law.

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