Ecology: The man and his environment

We will discuss:
Ecology of health and disease
Ecology and alternative medicine
The man and his environment

Health depends not only on the isolated individual but of the situation of social-ecological balance of the entire community.

So health and disease potential is equal to individual genetic variation and adaptation capacity of the individual and the population to its environment aggression and other environmental hazards.

So with individual health must consider the health of the population of the community.

However, the population is now subject to a degradation of nature brought about by the following risks: rapid and excessive increase in human population (population explosion), progressive depletion of natural resources and energy, and particularly degradation of nature by the pollution of various kinds.

Ecology of health and disease
From a biological standpoint, it is normal to the demands and needs of our physiology as part of our ecology. It can then be accepted that health is the very absence of disease and conversely, between health and disease states there is a wide variation, with intermediate states.

Health and disease from the viewpoint of ecology, are the result of the success or failure of the organism to adapt physical, psychological, mental and social conditions of our total environment. So any definition of health should take account of human adaptability. So health is a relative concept that rests on objective criteria (ability to function), subjective (feeling good) and social (adaptation and socially productive work).

Ecology and alternative medicine
From all this follows the importance of ecological knowledge in the orientation of medicine and public health. This means recognizing that naturopathy is not just a science and biological techniques, but essentially a social activity and that health depends on the health system, but mainly on factors genetic, demographic and human living environment.

The goal of natural or alternative medicine must not only repair the damaged body or diagnose an illness but also promote a remodeling of the living. It is clear that a general this is very difficult, if not impossible, because the system is structured, but at the individual level within, of course, limits.

The man and his environment
According to the technical development level of human groups, the importance of his intervention in nature, the environment is more or less the work of man or nature. When the original natural factors predominate, we face a primary ecology when man goes on and intervening in the environment natural ecosystems are replaced by human ecosystems.

Is this the unlimited intervention which has created a harmful environment for humans with their cities, traffic, pollution and modern dwellings of all kinds.

The irrationality of the cities, the density of people per household and lack of sanitary facilities in a great many of them worldwide, increasing the uncontrolled production of fossil energy type (main cause of increasing pollution of the biosphere) and endless of environmental pollution has made the man suffers from a physical and psychological stress that good becomes dystress and appearing the pathologies of the environment. Civilization and progress are not to blame, but the poor development and disregard human ecology.

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