Elaps corallinus (coral snake). Homeopathy

ELAPSED corallinus
(Coral Snake)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR ELAPSED pathogenesis corallinus

1 - () Fear of being left alone, as if something terrible were to happen,
but when depressed, wants to be alone. He's afraid of rain.
Fear of fatal illness: apprehensive. Fear of apoplexy, feeling all the blood that was accumulating in the head, which feels very full.

2 - () Imagine that someone hears. Absent. You can talk, but do not understand what they say.
and angry with himself, not to be spoken to. For the slightest contradiction,
have shivers all over and boils out later.

GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR ELAPSED pathogenesis corallinus
4 - () The secretions or discharges, and bleeding from body orifices, are black, the blood does not clot.

5 - () sensation of cold ice cream inside. It tolerates cold things. Fruits and iced drinks are cold as ice or in the stomach and produce a sensation of cold in the chest.

6 - () Paralysis of the right side.

7 - () Worse from eating cold things, and at night, by warmth of bed; by the
wind and wet weather, for rain, by touch. Better: the rest (although walking will improve the epistaxis, gastralgias and chest pain).

8 - () Sensation as if a heavy gravestone or a belt of iron or a weight in different places.

9 journalists checked. Weakness, prostration, faintness.

Desire and aversion OF ELAPSED corallinus
10 - () I want candy, sweetened buttermilk.

11 - () Vertigo with tendency to fall forward. Violent headache from forehead to occiput, one eye, then the other. Congestion in the head
stooping, with sensation of fullness. Occipital headache mental strain. Heaviness and pain front. Headache from hunger.

Eyelids red 12. Stye in my left eye. Red streaks in the whites. Go bright red spots, or bars, when opened. Red,
inflamed, dry, burn, on waking. Glassy. When you close your eyes,
everything looks dirty red, or see black spots. Photophobia, close your eyes. Everything looks white. You see a gray veil. Amaurosis; barely distinguish light from darkness. The letters are to read. Swollen eyelids on waking in the morning.

13 - () Ringing in the ears, continuous, with hearing loss. Cracking swallowing.
Sudden deafness of right ear by taking cold, worse at night with noise.
Foul-smelling discharge from right ear, watery, yellow or greenish yellow, with deafness, with intolerable itching in the ears. Blood coming out of the ears.
Cerumen black, dry and hardened. Otalgia. Crusty eruptions on the ears.
Sounds like thunder, roars, whistles, bells.

14 - () coryza or chronic nasopharyngeal catarrh with greenish crusts or masses subjective sense of smell unpleasant. Ozena foul smelling. Coryza from least current of air with high obstruction of the nose. Nasal secretion
white and watery, foul, yellow-green, smelling of rotten herring.
Bleed black blood in a continuous stream; sudden copious; walking;
after a stroke. Lancinating pain from the root of the nose to the ear when swallowing.

Face yellowish dark 15. Right cheek red, swollen, hot, tingling and chills. Red spots on the bloated face.

16 Language-black or dark red, swollen and white tomorrow. Smarting at the tip of the tongue. Taste of blood before coughing.

17 Sensation as if food down corkscrew on swallowing. Sense of detention of the liquids in the esophagus, as by a spasm. Sense of sponge into the esophagus. Painful swallowing for solids or liquids, with pain spreading to the ear on swallowing, swallowing is almost impossible, with very swollen tonsils. Sore throat with red spots. Ulcerations in the throat, worse on the left, to repeat, with painful swallowing, by exposure to wind or rain. Pain in the neck outside to play. You can hear the liquid down to the stomach, with a gurgling noise.

18 - () Acidity or burning with acid eructation, nausea and fainting or empty. Vomiting of bile followed by diarrhea with mucus. Gastralgias sudden, worse sitting, better walking. Canine hunger, but can not eat.
Violent thirst. Sensation of cold as ice in the stomach and chest, worse after drinking (Ars., Ver_A.), Especially cold drinks or by eating fruit. Weight in stomach after eating, with nausea.

19 Pressing pain in the liver. Sensation of the intestines and tied in a knot, with black stools. Feeling in his stomach as if blood ran backward. Colicos with urgency to defecate. Lancinating of English to pubis.

20 Diarrhea: blackish, frothy, yellow, watery, bilious;
mucosanguinolenta; in tuberculosis, blood stools black liquid.
Constipation. Prolapse anal constriction, Tingling.

21 - () Urine red, cloudy or reddish sediment. Anuria. Urethral discharge

Impotence 22. Weight and swelling in the testicles. Discharge of prostatic fluid during stool. Foreskin swollen and thick.

23 - () Menses every two or three weeks, dark or black, black metrorrhagia intermenstrual. Metrorrhagia dark, liquid or clots. Feeling that something broke in utero, followed by continuous metrorrhagia and dark, with some clots. Uterine cancer. Weight in the uterus and vagina, vulvar itching tingling.

24 - () complete aphonia, wheezing and choking, laryngeal tuberculosis. Dyspnoea at night, worse when climbing stairs. Constriction in the
thorax; feeling of great weight in the chest in the evening. Dry cough, frequent,
paroxysmal, ending with black blood hemoptysis and dark with intense pain through the lungs, as if the twisted or broken
worse in the right apex. Stitches on the top of the Lungs
worse breathing, better walking. Hot drink in the chest. Can not lie on the right side by an intense pressing pain in the right lung. The right lung is more affected than the left. Right pleural pain, is felt in the armpit. Pulmonary tuberculosis especially in the right lung. Pneumonia. Tenderness in the right chest.
Acute pain from right to left armpit.

25 Palpitations with anxiety and trembling hands.

26 lancinating pain in the spine. Pressure between the shoulders.
Stiffness of the right side of the neck. Pain in left neck and back.
Trict in the back. Weight as a belt of iron in the sacrum.

27 - () Itching and rash in the armpit, lymph fester. Arms, hands,
swollen right leg and foot, cyanotic and with red spots. Yellow spots on the hands. Cramping constriction in the crease of the elbow, as if carried much weight. Feel the right hand paralyzed. Peel the fingertips and palms. Punctures above or below the right knee, worse on movement or the heat of the bed. Stiff knee, with sense of dislocation. Cramps in calves. Right leg and foot cream. Rheumatic pains in his right leg. Left foot swollen and cyanotic, with red spots. Shootings under the big toe would go. Vesicles on the feet. Arthritic nodes.

28 Insomnia by nagging headache. Sleeps with open mouth. Sounds with dead people, to business.

29 - () Chills in arms to put your hands in cold water. Heat at midnight, can not bear coat. Waves of heat in the evening to face and ears red and hot. Dyspnea with fever. Chills at noon followed by fever in the afternoon. Cold sweat all over. Typhoid ulcerations, that download black blood.

30 red dots on the tip of the fingers peeled.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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