Elaterium. Homeopathy

(Ecballium Elaterium - Wild Cucumber)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Elaterium
1 - () Irresistible tendency to leave home and wander, even at night and wander (for forests). Children who are fleeing their homes.
2 Fear of some impending disaster. Depression.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Elaterium
3 - () Disorders wet weather or humidity or by standing on a wet floor (Dule.).
4 - () In general edema, post scarlatina helps its elimination.
5 promotes the opening of abscesses or boils.
6 Urticaria and mental disorders by suppression of malaria.
SPECIFIC Elaterium
7 heaviness and heat front. Headache during fever or malaria access before.
8 Stitches in the left corner of the eye. Conjunctiva very yellow.
Bitter taste 9. Tongue dirty brown. Enlarged sensation in the throat.
Nausea 10. Vomiting aqueous, bilious, green, with great weakness.
Oppression and constriction in the epigastrium, with dull pain.
11 - () Violent cutting, tearing, gnawing, cramping, belly, at very short intervals. Flatulent colic. Dull pain in the right upper quadrant (by gallstones) and the left flank. Stupor.
12 - () The primary site of action of Elaterium is in the intestines, causing diarrhea characteristic jet, with copious watery stools,
foaming, bilious, dark olive green mucus mixed with white, streaked with blood; large, by taking cold or standing on a wet floor after efforts; with cutting the belly (see 11). Infantile diarrhea. Asiatic cholera. Bleeding hemorrhoids. Pruritus ani.
13 - () Urine tine combs. Suppression of urine with cramps and neuralgic pains. Burning pain in the neck of the bladder.
Dyspnea 14. Precordial stitches. Pain under the shoulder blades and in sacrocoxis.
15 - () Sciatica, especially the left side, tearing up the fingertips. Leg cramps and plants. Gouty pain in the toe. Pains in the limbs to the toes. Dolores on the right side of the body. Aching members before the febrile access.
Gouty nodules.
16 - () yawning and stretching before a feverish access during the chills.
17 - () Chills preceded by continuous yawning and stretching, with headache and pains in the limbs. Fever with violent headaches, pains in the abdomen and extremities, to the toes. Malaria quotidian, daily double, tertian or quartan. Vomiting, burning with fever. Sweating all the symptoms improve.
18 - () Urticaria: quinine for malaria suppression, after the chill, with intolerable itching, better from rubbing. Measles followed by dysentery. Newborn jaundice, with orange-yellow skin, conjunctival very yellow, bilious stools and urine tine combs.
Jaundice with widespread burning and itching. Erysipelas. Burns, bites.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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