Elderberries. Properties

Elderberry (Sambucus Nigra)
The most common use of elderberry is medicinal, and to this end use only blue or black. It has been found that the flavonoids of elderberries possess abundant biochemical and pharmacological properties between those found antioxodiantes and immunological effects.

The Elder is one of the best sudorifics (stimulates transpiracón), tonics (purifies the blood, constribuyendo in the debugging process of eliminating the toxin itself) and antiinflammatory (reduela inflammation).

Is commonly used in the form of juice for colds, flus, colds and catarrh. You can also take as a preventive antioxidant.

Properties and benefits of Elderberry
• Helps combat oxidative stress

• Helps in blood purification

• Assists in the detoxification process

• Helps to combat inflammation

• Help in colds

• Helps promote perspiration

• Help states flu

Source: www.fruitbalance.net

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