Emotions, Illness and Dopamine

Emotions and pathology
Very important is to note that both the emotions and the body, the body will not become separated. Stress, negative thoughts, sadness, etc.. make us more prone to disease or not come through what we have. But since there are separate, not physically strong and healthy find also affects mood. They are inseparable and provide feedback. It is therefore very important to work both sides in parallel, and bear in mind that an acidic environment is the land sown to our thoughts and emotions trastoquen (as explained in the first part, an acidified blood, alters the whole body).

Given that loss of joy that I said we should also bear in mind that perhaps we have exhausted "substances" because it takes time on a "search" where is not expected reward. Many times we do not know exactly what road, what are the messages from the body, and is actively seeking. There comes a time that this comes to exhaust, and I would emphasize the Dopamine biochemically as one of the specific hormone for this (which I've taken love after reading many little things about it) and you get to exhaust. So are the states of continuous disturbance, nervousness installed, unable to sleep well at night but apparently "be happy", the more easily fall into states of anxiety, low stress tolerance, and above all feeling of not knowing ... who I am and I do here. This hormone is essential for the "Spark of Life".

The L-dopa precursor of dopamine (if given synthetically not cross the blood-brain barrier, we must provide the precursor) is the hormone of "animosity" towards life (I like to call it that). So the chocolate provides tranquility and pleasure, having the amino acid phenylalanine necessary to form L-dopa.

It is interesting to help because the "test" and "act" (each person is considered in their individuality, their environment, genetics, etc. So this should not be taken as panaceas): good food, some exercise, breathing deep meditation, emotional support such as Bach flower ... ..

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