Endive. Asparagus. Spinach

Escarole: This is very good for the stomach and, with its rich in vitamins A and C and minerals, is snacks, refreshing, laxative and purifying. Asparagus: A semibasico food. Little nutrition, but for its richness in vitamins A, B and C are refreshing and very healthy. For its phosphorus has a nervous system stimulant effect and mineralizing the skeleton. Foods are less calorie (23 calories per 100 grams.). It seems, according to recent findings, which serves as the routine have antihemorragica. People with rheumatism or kidney problems should not eat them, as well as those with cystitis, prostate hypertrophy, eczematous. Spinach: A superbasico food. However, it is more acidifying vegetables. They are high in certain acids that give special properties (0.090% malic acid, oxalic 0.600% 0.070% uric, Purines 0.024%). For its wealth of vitamins A, B and C is the most nutritious vegetables. For its wealth of phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, iron. is an excellent regenerator of red blood cells. Anticancer properties attributed to him. For its wealth of purines and formation of potassium oxalate and calcium, are unsuitable for the liver, rheumatic, gouty, arthritic and suffering from kidney stones or gravel.

*Automatic Translation