The energy from food

All foods, whether plant or animal, are in essence a biochemical level energy stored in each of the molecules that make up their cells and to give us nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Depending upon which they have been the conditions under which have grown in terms of terrain, sun, food, stress at which they were subjected, as the collection and processing, further handling, additives, preservatives, etc.. its nutrients are optimal or be greater or lesser degree of alteration.

Maybe when they come to our table, only resemble in appearance and flavor to what should be, but that are molecularly altered and quite certainly not have enough energy, because, or failed to develop in the way they grow or in the subsequent process have been lost. With this energy we refer to the molecular purity, the integrity of all substances must have an overall food when it has developed to its full potential in the most natural and appropriate to its essence as possible.

Plants need nutrients, water and certain minerals, as well as the energy source and heat is the sun. When developing in an optimal way, giving them time to mature in the ground and without the influence of pesticides, excess nitrite, impoverished land, we can obtain an optimal product, containing all his quality nutrients, vitamins and minerals, including from the rarest of vitamin C, which can only be obtained from plant products ripened on the vine. In addition, plants help us to prevent disease and prepare for times "bad" as they are able to detect future changes in the environment that will occur, and be prepared for those moments special molecules that protects them.

Us from eating these foods, we are preparing our organization meet these future to come. It happens when we consume food out of season or from distant places to which we live, because when we prepare to consume something that will not happen where we live.

As for the energy of animals, think of something similar. If they have been released, or at least semi-wild, consuming nutrients from their own species, giving the sun without being subjected to stress (antibiotics, anti-anxiety drugs, growth hormones, processed foods, fast growth ...) will have their full potential both nutrients and energy.

To all this we must add, processing we can do in our homes. As a generality: the more prepared, cooked, heated, and so on. is the food, most will move away from its original essence and more processing power will nutrients. This does not mean that we eat everything raw, as in fact some foods require transformation in order to extract what is necessary and even non-toxic. But yes, the most intuitive way of cooking the old way of pot in firewood, is the healthiest, with patience, without haste and with dedication at the time. All that is adaptable to modern life, nobody panic.

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