Epiphegus. Homeopathy

(Epiphegus Virginiana)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Epiphegus
1 You have a fear of dying by palpitations.
2 The mistake in the letters or words in writing.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Epiphegus
3 - () Worse: for working outdoors, sitting up in bed. Best: after a good sleep.
4 The symptoms go from right to left or top right to bottom left.
SPECIFIC Epiphegus
5 - () Headaches in the temples (especially the left and front, pressing * and the outside in, with constant spitting of thick saliva. The headaches,
generally nervous, especially women, appear suddenly (or worse) strain, shopping or a departure from usual occupations, and are accompanied by fullness and tension in the scalp.
Headaches preceded by hunger.
Burning eyes 6. The letters are made fuzzy to read.
7 - () Saliva thick, constant need to spit. Bitter taste. Tongue yellow.
8 - () Hunger before the headache. Nausea.
9 Le slope during bowel movements but the stools are soft.
10 Subinvolution uterus. Painful menstruation.
11 Palpitations that weaken it.
12 Pain in the shoulder and left knee.
Sleepiness after eating 13.