Equisetum (horsetail). Homeopathy

(Equisetum Hiemale - Horsetail)
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Equisetum
1 - () Worse by pressure or contact, by motion, sitting, after noon. Better: lying.
2 lateral right.
SPECIFIC Equisetum
3 - () Severe headache over the eyes, facial heat. Frontal constriction.
Headaches erratic. Feeling of tension in the scalp, with constant desire to frown.
4 Pain in the roof of the right orbit and the external angle of the right eye.
5 Earache with stiffness behind the left mastoid. Sense of confusion in the ears. Hey sounds confusing.
6 Face red, flushed, with sensation of heat. Heat and burning face without blushing.
7 Puntas acute throat. Excessive hunger. Persistent heartburn.
8 - () Feel the belly distended. Stomach pains in connection with urination disorders, with fetid flatus output. Hypogastric pains with stitches in the anus.
9 Burning pain in anus during and after stool, with sensation of rectal prolapse and as if something had been left in the rectum. Stools with great flatulence.
10 - () The urinary tract is the main center of action of Equisetum. Deep or sharp pain in kidney region, mainly on the right, then left, with irradiation to the lower right belly and violent and urgent urination, the pain is worse from motion and pressure, and kidney area is very sensitive. Great sensitivity and tenderness in the bladder region, pain in the testicles, the sensitivity is more marked on the right and after noon, and it is difficult to tolerate palpation. Feeling of heaviness and dull pain in the bladder,
not relieved by voiding. Bladder pain as distension or fullness; pressive after urination. Dysuria in women, especially during pregnancy and after birth, with extreme urgency and frequent urination, severe pain immediately following the end of urination, urine drops. Cutting and burning in urethra when urinating and after. Constant urge to urinate (worse at 10 hours), with frequent deletions and copious clear urine, with no relief. Urinary incontinence in children day and night, nocturnal enuresis when no visible cause except the habit, with nightmares or dreams of crowds. Incontinence of urine and faeces in the elderly. He gets up several times at night to urinate. Dark and scanty urine, with mucus; albuminuria; watery bloody. Cystitis. Itching of the urethral meatus, worse scratching.
Violent erections at 11 pm. Pain in the testicles and cords, the left worse.
12 Uterine cancer.
13 points in the left breast and nipple. Acute chest pain, worse on inspiration.
14 Back pain worse sitting, better lying on his back or on foot.
Rheumatic pain in the lumbosacral junction, which extends to the hip joint and left leg.
15 Shoulder pain from slightest movement or touch. Pain in right hip joint. Knees were weak from slightest exertion.
Sharp pain in his left knee on waking move better after a while.
16 Drowsy, heavy eyelids. Sound sleep disturbed by a lot of people, places and things.
Chills 17 going up the back.
Silica (Equisetum contains a lot of silica).

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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