Erigeron canadense. Homeopathy

ERIGERON Canadense
1 - () red blood bleeding vivo, copious, gushing, for active congestion, mainly from the nose and genito-urinary organs, but also from any body opening, which are accentuated by the slightest movement and strain.
2 - () Worse least motion; strain; by rainy weather.
Better: lying still.
3 lateral left.
4 Excessive languor of tomorrow, with great depression and pale, not wanting to move to the evening.
5 - () congestion of the head with red face and epistaxis. Dull frontal headache to
awakening in the morning, with bells in the ears and burning eyes.
6 - () Ecchymosis eye from beatings. Purulent conjunctivitis; eyelids stick tomorrow.
7 - () Epistaxis copious blood-red living. Epistaxis replacing menstruation. Nasal mucous secretion afternoon.
8 - () profuse bleeding from the gums. Throat feels rough, dry, with sensation of something that had lodged in the upper esophagus, with constant desire to swallow. Tonsillitis. Ulcerations in the throat.
9 - () Violent retching and heartburn, vomiting of blood.
Hematemesis, gastric ulcer, with rupture of vessels. Gastralgias cutting.
Nausea. Belching.
10 - () Pains in the hypochondria, in the navel. Flatulent colic;
bloat. Hypogastric pains, followed by soft or hard stools, dark pieces.
11 Bleeding hemorrhoids with burning in the anal opening, with marked rectal irritation. Melena. Sensation of anus torn, broken. Mucous stools, streaked with blood; scybalous motions. Dysentery with great urgency.
12 - () painful urination or deleted. Dysuria in teething children,
with frequent, crying when urinating, strong smelling urine profuse, with irritation of the external parts. Shooting pains in the left kidney, with burning urination drip. Vesical catarrh, bladder irritation load. Hematuria, bladder and urethra with metrorrhagia.
13 sticky sweat on the male genitalia. Gonorrhea. Low back pain right down to the testicle.
14 - () Metrorrhagia with violent rectal bladder irritation, with prolapse of uterus, post-abortion, with diarrhea and dysuria. Metrorrhagia is copious, bright red, and is aggravated by the slightest movement and efforts, passive, with pallor and weakness during pregnancy, painless, in the sixth month, for efforts. Menses copious, effort and worse by movement or walking, painful. Profuse flow with great irritation, cramping and rectal bladder, chronic flow. Bleeding during and after delivery; placenta previa. Lochia bloody, copious, in spurts, which reappear on the slightest motion, better rest, again become bloodshot after being clear. Pain in left ovary and hip.
15 - () Chronic bronchitis. Coughing up blood-streaked and pains in the lungs can not rest on its side. Hemoptysis with dark clots;
incipient tuberculosis. Palpitations.
16 thoracic and lumbar pain intensity. Stabbing pain in the left kidney region, which then turns to the right.
17 Rheumatic pains in the shoulder, hand and thumb left and right hip, on elbows and wrists in rainy weather, in the knees at the ankles, worse walking.
Afternoon yawning 18. At the time of sleep, wakes up confused and unable
moving, in painful agony, state that disappears in half an hour.