Eriodyctium glutinosum. Homeopathy

ERIODYCTYON glutinosum
(E. californicum - Yerba Santa)
G Worse: after noon, for any sudden change of position, at intervals.
2 - () Dizziness, as if intoxicated. Sensation of pressure in the head outward,
worse on the occiput. Dull or burning pain in occiput and above the eyes.
3 Severe pain in the ear at intervals, worse from change of position.
4 Sneezing. Yellow-green nasal catarrh. Permanent coryza with dizziness.
5 fetid breath of the morning on rising. Burning in the throat. Great appetite, or low. Nausea fatal run worse. Digestion altered.
6 Tender, worse on the left does not tolerate any pressure or movement.
7 - () in bronchial and asthmatic conditions. Sibilant voice. Asthma with it eases expectoration, with coryza and mucus. Bronchopulmonary tuberculosis with night sweats, weight loss and profuse expectoration easier and relieves. Post flu cough. Promotes reabsorption of pleural effusions. Pertussis. Pain in the anterior right chest near the nipple, at short intervals or for any sudden change of position.
8 Mild fever, with burning red cheeks.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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